Monthly letter March 2018

Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration and a nice holiday. It will be an eventful spring and hard work before a well-deserved vacation. Time goes faster than you think and it's time to submit a holiday request. This year we offer you who take at least three weeks holiday during the winter months extra vacation days. This means that you can get up to an extra holiday week.



When there is an accident at work, I often hear: “it could not be done differently ” or "Unfortunately that's what's happening". I've been thinking about it a bit and NO, it's not !! It is easy (and nice) to blame the human factor or external circumstances that we believe we can not influence. We can get better at seeing the underlying causes of the human factor that lead to an accident. We are the ones! It is human to make mistakes and we all do - all the time. So dare to make a mistake! How else can we learn and be able to fix the right things to prevent more accidents from happening? If it is carelessness, time pressure, fear, inability, lack of routines or something else that is the cause, it is time that we do something about it.



When we made a restart in the work environment work, shortcomings in the division of responsibilities of tasks and routines within the work environment work were parts that we had to deal with. We want a Culture where everyone works for continuous improvement for a safe and secure workplace with higher well-being. 5 S is a forum where we have done a lot. Last month, Lilla verkstaden made the most improvements and took home the second 5 S victory in a row. Start each 5 S meeting with a safety review so that we can detect and remedy risks of ill health and accidents in time.


If you know someone who is looking for a collaboration, wants to sell a plot or workshop in Stockholm and the surrounding area, get in touch. We would prefer to buy a workshop or plot in the north, but are open to other opportunities and locations.



It is a great challenge for the industry to attract new, young and hungry talent to the profession. Almost two years ago, MVR, together with the Swedish Public Employment Service, started a labor market training for steel builders. In April, the third batch begins and soon they will be out on workplace learning (APL). Shout out if you want to become a supervisor.

In March, Ahmad began his internship to develop his knowledge in welding and forging as the last part of his welding education. Wille is his supervisor.  



In April, a beginner's and an advanced course in pin welding will begin with our skilled blacksmiths as course leaders. Right now, Medborgarskolan offers a loyal customer a discount to those who have taken the beginner course and who want to deepen their knowledge in welding.  



Congratulations Rizwan on the first order! Pling, pling, pling, pling, pling for parties to Lidingö town hall. Shortly afterwards, Yosef H plunged for the order of three ramps to Wacker Neuson. They will be manufactured in the workshop and then delivered to Denmark, Norway and Sweden.



Yeah! We reached breakeven in March and got a cruel bill! We have become skilled at collecting unpaid invoices. It's time to pay performance salaries for the first quarter and it will be exciting to see how much our project managers get out. Everyone is fighting and doing a fantastic job! It feels really good that we are on our way to the goal!



A nice feeling arose when everyone was fully occupied again! Now the reverse challenge will be enough resources… In March continued blue team with MT steel, alternations and reinforcements between masonry walls in the new emergency room at Danderyd Hospital. In April, they will assemble pillars and start manufacturing reinforcing steel and terrace railings. Blue team finished the stairs on Kungsgatan. They built a floor in the light courtyard for the emperor. The team installed aluminum thresholds and a screen wall for a reception desk in kv Hilton. They also did blacksmithing at the T-central. Jimmy received an order for the railing in expanded metal on Humlegårdsgatan for Tungel Byggare, which is in the starting pit, congratulations! Prior to this, the team did diversion forging.  

The green team continued with the parties to Husfrun and the barrier kiosks to Slussen. It was full speed ahead in Handen where the installation of the glass facade to brf Blicken began to take shape. A large part of the glasses are already in place. The job is one of Lundgren's biggest glass facade jobs! The red team continued with the security doors to be installed in April. In addition to this, they made a glass cover for Cousin's pizza. They made 25 wine racks, built five display stands and did some small work for Janax Snickeri. In April, the team will make a copper-clad sliding door to Samsung's new store on Kungsgatan. They will also make tutors for a pool and a ramp of acid-resistant material for Komponent Byggen.

Gula team continued with the sound barrier to On Track in Älvsjö. The glass assembly was completed and the pergola will soon be finished. They made glass doors to the children's library in Upplands Väsby. The assembly of railings and supervisors in Nacka continued. In addition to this, they manufactured and assembled canopies, made a wrought iron railing and mounted glass doors. Eddings was full and we had capacity left over and could therefore help in Smista. Glad they're on their way! In April, the preschool in Bandhagen starts up again and the production of the ramps begins.   



The oxidation space became clear. The ladders and fire extinguishers for hot work were marked and numbered. You can sign them out at Affe. A sign of spring that is here is that it is time to change to summer tires on work cars. When they are replaced, the container will be emptied of anything that has nothing to do with the company's cars. A little 5 S - throw everything away unnecessarily! A wonderful feeling!



We perform more if we have fun at work. At the next general meeting, we light the grill in the spring sun. A week later pulls red team to Barcelona to engage in team building. It is really fun that you who work with us make it possible for LUNDGRENS to contribute to Eezer's work to reduce maternal mortality in Africa. In the spring, we will build motorcycle ambulances in Burundi and go to Kenya on a follow-up trip. We also have LUNDGREN's annual summer party to look forward to before we part for a holiday.

- END -