Monthly newsletter April 2018


Winter is finally raging and we welcome beautiful May! It is a special feeling to stand in front of the May box and warm up to traditional spring songs. The feeling of having a wonderful summer ahead of you is wonderful! It's time to dump her and move on. Your holiday application is approved. Remember to notify any changes well in advance. Before we go on holiday, we will have Lundgren's annual summer party on June 15. This year we celebrate the summer on the Gondola's fantastic terrace. More information coming soon.



The planned trip to Burundi to assemble the motorcycle crew on site unfortunately did not materialize due to a hassle with the visa. We aim for September instead. Thank you Jimmy for all the time you put into getting everything ready for the planned trip. And, thank you Karim who came down to work one Saturday to help with the motorcycle ambulances. What heroes you are!


Now we are charging ahead of the follow-up trip to Kenya in May. The trip is part of the collaboration to develop the motorcycle ambulances for reduced maternal mortality. The purpose is to follow up both the operational activities in the pilot project and to continue to develop the construction of the crew and associated IT systems. It's fun that Johan Bååth will be involved in making a documentary.



It's time for a pay review. According to the current salary agreement, there is 1.6 % in the salary pot and 0.2 % in the open salary review for you who are a collective employee. For salaried employees, 1.8 % applies to salary increases as of 1 May 2018.



When red team was on a team trip in Barcelona, new and old colleagues got the chance to get to know each other better. Prior to the trip, the team was divided into two groups with the task of developing a program for one day each. It was a rewarding company visit to the stair supplier Enesca, team exercises with a focus on work environment and team building activities. There were long city walks, burnt noses and abrasions. The team found it rewarding to have time to talk outside of work. Something they want to share before future trips is the importance of a controlled program and that everyone actually participates.



As we previously told you, we made a restart in Lundgren's work environment work. We reviewed the division of tasks and clarified the responsibility. The ultimate responsibility for the work environment lies with us as an employer. From there, the responsibility for tasks within the work environment work has been delegated to the project managers, HR and the workshop manager. It is the project managers who within their projects must fulfill the employer's obligation in accordance with the Work Environment Act and its regulations. The project managers can in turn further delegate tasks within the work environment area to supervisors who have the opportunity to overview and manage the work environment and safety on site. We as employers must ensure that you have the tools needed to remedy the problems and shortcomings that arise.

At the restart, we reviewed our routines. We appointed a new safety committee with representatives from staff, workshop, project management and production - both employees and employers as well as safety representatives. Affe, Jimmy, Johanna, Richard and Marco will meet regularly to work on various work environment issues. The work for a good working environment is an ongoing process. We strive to develop and improve. Work environment will be a recurring point at our workplace meetings. We will go on at least four safety rounds per year.



It is also your responsibility as an employee to follow laws and regulations and to point out risks, orders and accidents. You as an employee must follow the instructions given in the work environment work. You must use the designated protective equipment and tell them if you discover defects in the work environment. In the event of shortcomings, you should first turn to your project manager. If you do not get hold of the project manager or get a hearing, you can turn to the management or Marco.



During the last round of protection, we saw i.a. shortcomings in the general order of the workshop. It was material that lay on the floor and skidded a bit here and there that you could easily stumble upon. We decided that Affe should be responsible for the order in the workshop. Bl.a. all material must be in marked pallets. If Affe sees shortcomings, he will talk to the responsible project manager who will be able to rectify it. I can already see improvements!



Now we are looking for another profit owner who wants and has the ability to run projects in one of our business areas. You can read more about the service on LUNDGREN's website.



Jurgita did a fantastic job finishing all seven financial statements! A new feature in NEXT is that the invoice type must always be filled in when invoicing to make it easier to follow up on whether the invoice has been sent via email or post. We need to get a more even invoicing for a better cash flow throughout the month. It is one thing to have a good end result, quite another to have the money in our coffers.



Riyam sold an entrance lot in Kista to the LA group for just over SEK 100,000. Yosef received 24 batches for SEK 1.3 million for the new Karolinska starting week 24. Micke received more orders for interiors for Fabrique Stenugnsbageri. CONGRATULATIONS!!



During April did blue team completed stage 1 in kv The Emperor for TL Bygg where they built a new floor in a light courtyard. During the next month, stage 2 will start when they will build a new floor in another part of the light courtyard. The team manufactured and assembled a stand for a new grease separator in a substation for TL Bygg. Furthermore, they mounted a door scope for a rolling door for Peab Kv Hilton. They built a mezzanine floor in the fan room and installed a wrought iron staircase to the Hilton Peab square. The team also installed a forging for the construction of a new stairwell for Thule Fastighetsutveckling.

The red team worked with the door sections for Samsung's new store and a display cabinet for Stureplan's hottest advertising space, The Pavilion. They finished 25 wine racks as well as jetties and supervisors for a pool for Komponent Byggen. The jobs went well thanks to our skilled blacksmiths! Furthermore, mthe security doors, which are expected to take another two weeks. Production of two fittings for Fabrique Stenugnsbageri is now pending. It's fun that Fabrique will open his first bakery in New York, where we hope to be a part of the interior design. Furthermore, details of five trade fair stands for Scania and clothing to hide a ventilation unit in a school hall at the Institute of Business Administration (FEI) are underway.

The service team was full of service jobs and also had time for some manufacturing and assembly. Further manufactured gula team three wrought iron ramps and manufactured and assembled a variety and a wrought iron railing. Installation of the glass doors to the children's library in Upplands Väsby went well. The preschool in Bandhagen progressed slowly where we are waiting for the delivery of the remaining material. Furthermore, we started partly with the parties to Lidingö City Hall. In May, installation of beams and variations as well as the doors to Nya Karolinska await.

We look forward to responding to all quotes we submitted! We have good capacity and have short response times to inquiries!

- END -