Monthly newsletter May 2018

Recently returned from a fantastic follow-up trip to Kenya with The Eezer Initiative. I was enchanted by how beautiful Africa is and all the friendly people. We saw that the motorcycle ambulances work and actually save lives in the African countryside. It is an indescribable feeling that we at LUNDGRENS, thanks to your fine work efforts, are involved in making the world a little better. At least it gives me a greater meaning with my work.

When we visited the slums in Kibera, I met a little girl who was collecting water in an old goblet that she would drink to survive. She was surrounded by rubbish and bags of feces. My so-called worries suddenly felt very small. Even though they (survive) in terrible conditions, there was a community and joy that I was fascinated by. They took care of each other and shared the little things. They showed joy and gratitude. Just as we have a lot to teach them in how to live, I think we have a lot to learn from them. I could write a book about the trip to Africa, but you have to stick to the next general meeting when we will tell you about the trip. Then we invited Hanna from Bike Babes who was also there.


In Africa, my belief was confirmed that we can solve tasks together in a good community. During the trip, we were faced with a series of unexpected challenges - everything from welding together a broken trailer to being in no man's land. The more we got to know each other, the more we could take advantage of our strengths and, as far as possible, do what we were good at and which we thought was fun. Our doer Jimmy and the motorcycle expert Thomas from IDG Tools welded to the motorcycle pull, Eezer Lars built relationships, Johan Bååth filmed, Hanna worked on a report to be published in the magazine All about MC, Felix & Anna from Devex Mekatronik sharpened the construction while others played with the children. It became easy and fun to collaborate! We had a common goal. And, everything worked out!


In the same way, we want to create a sense of belonging with us in one Culture where we care about each other, get support, cooperate and have space to have kul. It makes work easier, not least when it burns! It does not arise by itself, but everyone must take responsibility for us to get there.


On June 15, we will be helped to clear the yard and in the tent as part of 5 S. We have a lot that we do not need in our production and we will get rid of it. Before the cleaning day, you should mark everything that should be left, the rest smokes. We must dare to throw! When we are done, we celebrate the summer on the Gondola's terrace.


At the turn of the year, we decided to buy workwear from Proman. In the beginning, the delivery times were far too long, but that should be solved now. When you need work clothes, tell Yosef H with a little forethought. No more emergency purchases because it costs us a lot of money.



Soon you have the chance to win one of our wine racks designed by Micke Sjöström. Keep an eye on Lundgren's Facebook page and Instagram.



The salary negotiations with the union have been completed and the new salaries will be paid retroactively from April at the next salary payment. We do not negotiate salaries between audits.



Fun with full employment! In May mounted blue team aluminum floor on two resting levels and stairwells in evacuation stairs for Peab. They installed about 24 meters of supervisors at Kv Hilton. The team also installed stage 2 on Kv Kejsaren for TL Bygg and built a frame for a new elevator. Right now, the assembly of the mezzanine floor is underway in a substation at Kv Kejsaren.

The green team continued with Housewife. They were full of jobs before the lock opened in June - barrier kiosks, supervisors, scraper grilles, stainless steel gutters, steel frames and various sheets of sheet metal. The parties to Lidingö City Hall were almost completed. The installation of the glass sections for Strabag in Handen continued. The majority of the glass sections came in place and were glazed.

Completed in May red team the screen stands for the pavilion. They installed wine racks on Sturegatan and an entrance to Samsung's new store on Kungsgatan. The team manufactured bathroom foundations and French balconies for brf Brunna Park in Kungsängen. Furthermore, the team made the railings and continued with the installation of the security doors. They finished with one of three interiors for Fabrique Stenugnsbageri. The team also made a protection for a ventilation unit that will soon be ready for installation. Right now, the team is working on a door to the Munich Brewery and work on Rolf Kök's outdoor restaurant.

Gula team continued with the manufacture of the forging ramps. They assembled a glass section for a satisfied customer in Kista. The team also manufactured and assembled doors, railings, canopies, a spiral staircase and changes. In June, interior design for the Michelin restaurant, railings, doors, another sound wall for On Track and doors to the New Karolinska Hospital await.



Congratulations David who sold more jobs to Strabag - a glass railing and a canopy!



To handle all jobs, we need more fine blacksmiths and supervising blacksmiths. And, a profit owner. Tip, share, search!








      Current dates in June 2018

  • Tuesday 5 June working hours at 06.30-13.15 (6 h)
  • Wednesday 6 June National Day Available
  • Thursday 7 June at 17.00 Welder test welding course
  • Friday 15 June General meeting at 9.00 followed by 5 S-work full day
  • Friday 15 June at 18.00 Summer party on the Gondola's terrace
  • Thursday 21 June salary payment
  • Thursday 21 June working hours 06.30 - 13.15 (6 h)
  • Friday 22 June Midsummer Eve Available
  • Wednesday 27 June meeting of the protection committee Feel free to raise issues that you think need to be addressed. In that case, let Johanna or Marco know
  • Wednesday 27 June protection round
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come)
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room