Lundgren's monthly letter October 2018 - everything in forging and glass

Are you ready for the new Lundgrens?

Right now we are on an exciting and necessary journey. In 2017/18, we hired a bunch of new project managers to cope with the high pressure and upcoming retirements. Our most experienced project managers will retire in the coming year and invaluable knowledge will disappear. The new project managers are well on their way into the match, but it takes time to become a full-fledged project manager with an established customer contact network. Tough challenges and there are many pieces of the puzzle that will fit in for us to reach our goals. Right now there is a big focus on sales. Another challenge is to create a culture of collaboration where we develop team players who collaborate and further develop in the direction of the set goals. We have all the experiences and knowledge that we can share and that others can benefit and enjoy. With effective teamwork where everyone cooperates and shares the responsibility, we will succeed.

Where should I turn?

During the project managers' strategy day, we formed a sales team. The teams also became responsible for the following priority areas:

  • PURCHASEEmpty, Bosse, David and Mauricio
  • SALE Thomas, Gert and Rizwan
  • PRODUCTIONJussi, Adam, Jurgita and Yosef
  • KMARichard, Micke and Torgny
  • HRJohanna, Riyam and Yosef

This is where you should primarily turn to questions, wishes, etc.

What a welded gang!

For the second year in a row went gula team on a team trip together. This time it was off to Athens. Good cooperation and a good work climate is not something that does itself. It is something we create together. And, it worked gula team very good with! By daring to offer themselves, they have gotten to know each other. This in turn has led to better cooperation and that they can solve difficult tasks together. This can be seen in the results of the forging jobs. But above all, they are a close-knit gang who have fun together!

Salary notice on the web

Now you can finally log in with your bank ID and read your payslip online. For further instructions see workplace.


Nowadays we send work-related emails to your job email. You have your own responsibility to keep track of your email so that you do not miss important information. Loan computers are available in the office.

The improvement factory - 5 S

5 S got a fresh start after some changes in the groups. Congratulations to the big workshop that became the 5 S-winner of the month with as many as 10 improvements!

More focus on work environment

Your safety is always number one and the most important thing of all is that you come home safe and sound. No direct remarks were observed during the latest safety round at the workshop. However, we need to become better at making risk assessments in the projects. A more active and systematic work environment work is needed in the daily work. We will therefore start each 5 S meeting by going through the past week (oh, oh, note), make a quick and easy risk assessment and see what we can do in the groups to improve safety and the working environment.

We will appoint another representative (blacksmith or fitter) to the work environment group / safety committee.

Economy news

The total turnover for Lundgrens & Eddings Smide pointed to SEK 70 million at the end of the month. Eddings continued to deliver a good result with a doubled turnover compared with the previous year.

The workshop manager has the floor

In October, each car was given a car responsible person. Now everyone will be responsible for a specific area or machine in the workshop.

At the same time in Burundi

Our brave doers Richard and Elvis are in Burundi right now. The mission for the week is to train locals to build Eezers ambulances. During the week, they will assemble two carriages in a workshop located in an old Swedish mission facility in Bujumbura. When the trolleys are finished, they will deliver them to two clinics.

Lundgrens was recently commissioned to manufacture two more wagons to be used Chad in January.

Our projects

In October became blue team finished with the crane cross holder and gates to the crane establishment to Peab at Friends Arena. They also reinforced a damaged beam. Jägarbacken continued and this month they installed pillars and beams on site. They started with a combi deck on site and next month they will start in the elevator area. The team will now prepare the last steel for kv Rensnålen, which they will set up in November. The wrought iron railings, a glass door to Lidingö City Hall and a wrought iron gate to a courtyard at Sickla School will be completed in November.

The green team continued with the barrier kiosk at Vega station. They finished the Slussen project and did some small work for Husfrun.

The red team worked with a sheet metal arch for Clas Ohlson's new store on Sveavägen and assembled fire-rated glass sections at Huddinge Hospital. They manufactured glass racks in stainless material for hanging glass for Janax Snickerier as well as table legs in lacquered steel and glass racks for First Sight AB. They also manufactured corten sheets for LED strips for Komponent Byggen. Furthermore, the team manufactured furnishings in forging to Fabrique Stone Oven Bakery in London. The manufacture of the forging frame to the glass cafeteria on Ringvägen was completed and they started with the assembly on site. The team also manufactured stair railings and a wrought iron railing. They finished the manufacture of the fire-rated glass sections for Tegeluddsvägen and began with the assembly of these. In November, the team will assemble one glass wall, a spiral staircase, a wrought iron railing and two clad metal glass sections. They will also make an internal staircase to an office on Engelbrektsgatan.

Gula team finished with the second sound wall, a glass railing and various small fixes for On Track in Älvsjö. They installed wrought iron for Grow Hotels Lobby and variations. The service team was busy with service forging. Inspection at Bjursätra preschool went well with some small adjustments to be made in the coming weeks. In November, the installation of metal glass sections for New Karolinska will begin.

Eddings Smide started with the manufacture of one steel stairs on Drottninggatan to be installed in December. They finished the manufacture of brackets for a canopy for Bredängen C and began with the assembly of these. Forging work for Kv Stettin on Sandhamnsgatan began and will start in earnest after the turn of the year. Eddings also helped JM with the wrought iron railings for Kallhäll, which will be installed in November. The elevator cladding in Trygg Hansa Huset was basically completed. In early November, they will manufacture two stainless steel lead castles for the New Karolinska Hospital. In December, Yosef M will start as project manager with responsibility for the workshop at Eddings.

Current dates in 2018

  • Friday 2 November Christmas gift competition ends
  • Friday 2 November working hours 06.30-13.15 (6 h)
  • Monday 5 November Deadline salary
  • Thursday 22 November at 06.30-10.30 massage in the lunch room floor 1
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come)
  • Friday 23 November SALARY
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room



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