A new gang on their way to Kenya

At the same time as a satisfied Eezer gang is sitting on the plane home from Kenya, a new expectant gang is on its way with twelve tagged participants. One of them is our CEO Richard who is making his third Eezer trip to Africa.

It all started two years ago when Eezer's ambulance vans appeared on Facebook and aroused Richard's curiosity. He wanted to find a project that Lundgren could get involved in. Shortly afterwards, Richard and four colleagues went on a trip to Kenya with Eezer to see what they are trying to do and what conditions are in place. They were completely sold when they saw that there were concrete efforts that we at Lundgrens can contribute within what they are good at - welding, building and repairing things.

That is the way it is and today is Eezer Lundgren's most important project. Among other things, we have built ambulance carriages in our forging workshop that currently runs in Africa and we have trained local people in Burundi in building carriages. We have made follow-up trips and seen with our own eyes that the carriages are actually used and save lives in the African countryside.

Charged for a new Eezer adventure

Richard travels to Africa for the third time and is charged and full of expectations.

-I looking forward to making this journey together with both old and new Eezeram ambassadors. It will be fun to visit Masai villages, deliver a new wagon and visit the village Olgulului where one of the crews has been around for just over a year. It is fantastic to see the results of Eezer's work on site and that the wagons make a difference in people's lives. Today, about 30 motorcycle ambulances are rolling and the hope is that Eezer will increase the volumes in the next step, says Richard.

During these trips, there will be long distances to ride the bikes. We will travel from Nairobi to Mombasa round trip. In my luggage I have motorcycle clothes and some tools with me. I also have toys with me that my children want me to give to the children in Africa, says Richard.

Maternal mortality is high

Did you know that a woman dies every minute due to complications associated with her pregnancy or childbirth? 99 percent of all the hundreds of thousands of women who die live in low-income countries, of which three quarters in Africa. In Tanzania, 23 women die every day from complications associated with childbirth. Almost one an hour! Transport between home and maternity clinic is often a bottleneck that the Eezer Initiative tries to solve with the help of motorcycle-based ambulances. Maternal mortality is high in many parts of the world. The UN's goal is to reduce maternal mortality in the world to 70 deaths per 10000 births by 2030.

Facts about Eezer

The Eezer Initiative is a Swedish network of individuals, organizations and companies that actively cooperate to reduce maternal mortality in the African countryside. There is often a lack of means of transport to healthcare and Eezer is trying to solve this with the help of motorcycle-based ambulances. These motorcycle ambulances must cope with the difficult terrain in the African countryside. The motorcycle trolleys have been developed in collaboration with the companies Industriverktyg, Lundgrens Smide and Devex Mekatronik. The goal is for the construction to be easy to manufacture locally.

Today, several motorcycle ambulances in Kenya and Tanzania, among others, are rolling ready to quickly transport pregnant women to the nearest clinic when it is time to give birth. The goal in the pilot phase is to deliver 30 crews in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Congo. Based on those experiences, the goal is to manufacture another 300 crews in phase two. In addition to saving lives, there is another goal and that is to create jobs.

The financing of the project takes place partly through voluntary contributions from both individuals and companies, and partly through gifts, monthly donors and corporate sponsorship. For those who want to get involved in Eezer's work, trips are arranged where you can see and experience the business on site. You can choose to ride a motorcycle or car. 

For more information about Eezer, enter into www.eezer.org

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