To be more than just a bun

Crafts as crafts, pastries as forging, bakers as blacksmiths. We also want to be more than just a bun!

What is hidden under the lid?

Today we throw away 6 million rolls and it is one of the busiest day of the year for many bakers. There is a huge range of different rolls that are tested on the right and left and are judged on the basis of different parameters. It's crowded which-semla-is-best-in-test where the taste experience itself is crucial and, among other things, appearance, taste and price are important in the feeling of what is a good pastry. Crafts as crafts, pastries as blacksmithing, bakers as blacksmiths - we have a lot in common. Like a semla, we also want to be more than just a bun!

We may seem like an ordinary blacksmith, but many who come in contact with us realize that we are more than just a blacksmith. Of course it is a matter of taste and we make both classic forging and trendy interior design products. In addition, we stick out our chin and say that we are experts in something that in our case is special forging. Some put their throats when they see our price proposals while others think that it is well-invested money in relation to the service and quality they receive on their products. Like many bakers, our ambition is to do that little extra to live up to the customer's expectations for a good (taste) experience.

Of course we take the opportunity and treat ourselves to super good rolls for coffee. And then we continue the quest to be the city's best blacksmith. And just like the city's best semla, we are filled with love and care and topped with the good things in life 🙂  

Semla for coffee



We at Lundgrens offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions. With us, you can get good solutions based on your needs and wishes. We have 70 years of experience and broad knowledge. We have fully equipped workshops in Bromma, Järfälla and Norrköping and can therefore provide good and fast service. Today, over 50 people work with us. Our business areas are forgeglass and metal sectionsfurnishings and servicesmide. We also arrange welding courses.

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