We wish you a happy new year!

Soon 2021 is over and we want to wish you a happy new year! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing us to be your supplier, employer, partner, customer and friend. We are so grateful and proud of what we create! Together we make the (for me) impossible possible when we perform advanced forging jobs. That we also have fun together warms the heart! 

This year, too, we can look back on an eventful year and here is a look back at some of the glimmers of light from the year. It was not a record year for sales. But it is still not that bad because what we really remember from 2021 are all the inspiring projects that we had the honor of being involved in building. Exclusive entrances, slender wrought iron gates & railings, security doors, folding glass sections, the re-creation of the light portal and more. And, recently, the starting shot was fired for a large order that we will deliver in 2022. Sales this spring webshop broke records, however. That we got the best grades in best-in-test of pizza steel and handled over 45 tons of food steel is crazy! A fun side project that turned out to be an interesting business. To catch on to this rapid trend was, as I said, awake of us 🙂

To make a difference

Eezer is a project that is close to our hearts. That we were finally able to go to Burundi to set up a small workshop locally is fantastic. For now, the production of 48 ambulances is underway. The prams will be used to transport pregnant mothers to clinics when it is time to give birth. In many cases, it is a matter of life or death when they have to get on the "roads" of the African countryside in life-threatening conditions. We hope that the carriages will be used extensively and save many lives. Thank you all at Lundgren's for making our commitment possible! 

Eezer and Brundi

Happy New Year

Now it's time to recharge. And, what a year we have to look forward to! A year with full speed ahead as we will continue to develop our group and look for new exciting business opportunities and motivated employees. And, in addition, Lundgren's turns 70! Imagine that we have been performing world-class forging & glass for seven decades! It's powerful!

Happy New Year, our wonderful gang wishes you!

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LUNDGRENS SMIDE - Forging & glass since 1952
Good project for a satisfied customer!

Lundgrens Smide offers most of the steel, glass and wrought iron constructions to both construction companies and private individuals. We do most things within construction forging, glass and metal sectionsinterior forging and servicesmide and also organizes welding courses. Lundgren is happy to perform advanced forging and glass work where we contribute our expertise and provide suggestions for technical solutions. And, you probably did not miss our bestsellers back / pizza steel and grill press?
 We have fully equipped workshops in both Bromma and Järfälla and can therefore provide good and fast service. Over 50 people work with us.  

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Do you want help? Feel free to contact us and you will receive a free proposal. You can also send your request to anbud@smide.com or fill in this form. If you want to talk to one of our project managers, you can call us  08-684 118 00.