Welding skills on test

Today, our blacksmiths get to show their welding skills by taking welding tests. They should put butt welds on pipes. A welding inspector monitors the actual test installation. He verifies that the welder complies with the specified WPS and that the requirements set in the standard are met. When the sample is ready, the inspector performs a visual inspection of the sample. If the requirements are met, a non-destructive test in the form of an X-ray is relevant. If the result of the X-ray is approved, a welder test certificate will be issued and then you just have to go out and weld again 🙂

Do you need to put a welding test?

Then you can book a welding test with us! We arrange premises, welding machines, filler materials, materials and WPSs. We work with an established third-party certification body that monitors and assesses that the requirements are met in accordance with current standards. A welder test certificate will be issued at an approved welder test.

We arrange welder tests in most welding methods, welding modes, material qualities and dimensions. You choose which material, wall thickness, welding position and welding method the welding sample should include.

Do you want to know more? Then you will contact us on 08-684 118 00 or svetskurs@lundgrenab.se for date and price information. It is also possible to book training sessions or a custom one welding course before the welding test.

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