We are ISO 14001 certified!

Lundgrens Smide is proud that we are now certified according to ISO 14001: 2015! We realize that we must take the environment seriously and therefore work actively to reduce our negative environmental impact.

When we realized the importance of being ISO 14001 certified, we built an environmental management system according to the ISO standard that we work by. After a process of review, we can now proudly announce that Lundgrens Smide's environmental management system is ISO 14001 certified! We have shown how we work with sustainability and that we can constantly improve our environmental work.

ISO 14001 certification

Certification is a big step in the right direction to reduce a negative environmental impact. By following ISO 14001, we can work systematically to become an even more sustainable company. We set goals to reduce our negative environmental impact and take action. We follow up the results for a continuous improvement of our environmental work. It is also a way for us to respond to demands from customers and suppliers. Now the system is part of our business and the environment is constantly in focus!

The environment in focus in production
Certificate ISO14001: 2015

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Lundgrens Smide offers most of the steel, glass and wrought iron constructions to both construction companies and private individuals. We do most things within construction forging, glass and metal sectionsinterior forging and servicesmide and also organizes welding courses. Lundgren is happy to perform advanced forging and glass work where we contribute our expertise and provide suggestions for technical solutions. And, you probably did not miss our bestsellers back / pizza steel and grill press?
 We have fully equipped workshops in both Bromma and Järfälla and can therefore provide good and fast service. Over 50 people work with us.  

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