Welding for future drilling technicians - now we're driving!

The welding table is loaded with welds, slag notches, metal brushes, welding electrodes, etc. Around the table are a bunch of future drilling technicians who are today starting their welding module in MMA welding (pin welding). Our experienced welder Samer will teach the participants to weld in welding mode PC lying vertically (tube standing). A goal that the participants must achieve during the course. We are now running the welding module for future drilling technicians for the third year in a row!

The course consists of theory, practical welding technology and methods that are adapted to the target group. It is mainly practically oriented and contains lots of welding hours. As far as possible, the course leader is based on the group's experience and prior knowledge. Since many of the participants have never welded before, they need to learn from the ground up. Learning to weld casing requires some training. Even for those who have welded before as high demands are placed on the welding. In order for the participants to reach the goal, they therefore need welding training in both keel, sheet metal and pipe welding. The joint preparation of the casings takes place by turning and will soon be completed. When the participants are ready, they can go from sheet metal to pipe. 

Turning of casing

Welding module for future drilling technicians

This year drilling technician training started on March 14. It is a labor market training of a total of 37 weeks that is conducted at Yrkesplugget in Uppsala. For almost 30 years, the drilling companies have trained prospective drillers and further trained professionals. Just over three years ago, we were contacted by the drilling companies who asked if we could keep the welding module. That's the way it is and it's really an honor to be able to hold the welding module for future drilling technicians for the third year in a row. Of course, we hope for a long-term collaboration around the welding part of the drilling technician training. 

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