Visiting a clinic in north east Burundi

Richard and Lars Klingsbo visit clinics in Burundi to follow up on the use of Eezer's motorcycle ambulances. Here is an update from the visit.

At the clinic in Burundi

This clinic has not had the opportunity to get pregnant women here before. Neither for checkups nor at delivery. The reason is the rugged terrain in the mountains. But since the clinic received an emergency ambulance, they transport almost all the women to the clinic. 

The clinic receives approximately $ 15 per delivery, which means increased income. The Eezer trolley therefore becomes "business critical" and is taken care of in the best way. 

Francoise at Cepbu (who runs the clinics) has together with Eezer and her colleagues at the clinics created an organization to market the ambulance. They are out in the villages and present the carriage, which in turn creates a sense of security for the women. The expectant mothers receive a number that they can call when they want to be picked up at the clinic or if something unforeseen happens. The carriages are used daily and transport hundreds of women every year. In the long run, there will therefore be a visible difference in measuring maternal mortality in the region. 

And Eezerbaby

With the help of Francoises, Eezer gets an organization around the Eezer trolley that allows the trolleys to be used in the best way. A notch curve will be visible! Then it will be a reproducible model for how Eezer will place the wagons in the rest of Burundi. Richard thinks they need to get out about 250 motorcycle ambulances. Right now there are soon 30 in place. When Eezer takes over Congo, Richard guesses that the need is at least ten times greater.


Maternal mortality is high in many parts of the world. In Kenya, 400 out of 100,000 mothers die in connection with pregnancy, the same figure in Sweden is 4. The UN's goal is for maternal mortality in the world to be reduced to 70 deaths per 10000 births by 2030.

The Eezer Initiative is a Swedish network of individuals, organizations and companies that actively work together to reduce maternal mortality in the African countryside. There is often a lack of means of transport to healthcare and Eezer is trying to solve this with the help of motorcycle-based ambulances. These motorcycle ambulances must cope with the difficult terrain in the African countryside. The motorcycle carriages togs in collaboration with the companies Industriverktyg, Lundgren Smide and Devex Mekatronik. The goal is for the design to be easy to manufacture locally.

Today, several motorcycle ambulances in Kenya and Tanzania, among others, are rolling ready to quickly transport pregnant women to the nearest clinic when it is time to give birth. The goal in the pilot phase 2017-2018 is to deliver 30 crews in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Congo. Based on those experiences, the goal in phase two is to manufacture another 300 crews. In addition to saving lives, the goal is to create jobs.

The financing of the project takes place partly through voluntary efforts by both individuals and companies, partly through gifts, monthly donors and corporate sponsorship. For those who want to get involved in Eezer's work, Eezer arranges trips where you can see and experience the business on site. You can choose to ride a motorcycle or car.

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