25 % at a discount on any welding course

Now there is a summer sale on our welding courses and you get 25 % at a discount on any welding course. We have courses in TIG, MIG / MAG and MMA as well as combination courses. Both for the beginner and those who want to develop their knowledge in welding. We arrange courses for individuals, companies and schools. The discount also applies to the metal craft where you can create and repair your own objects in wrought iron. From idea to finished product!

You get a discount on any welding course until 30 June. You will see more information and registration here.

Welding methods

There are many different methods and techniques to choose from when it comes to welding. Common to all is that you use an electric or gas welder or a combined welder.


Gas Metal Arc Welding is better known as MIG or MAG welding and is one of the most common methods used today. The methods are mainly used for welding aluminum and alloyed materials such as stainless steel. A common method when it comes to home repairs, perhaps especially in cars and car plates. The methods are fast and do not need much finishing work.

It can be used in all thicknesses of material and can be welded in all positions. The methods are fast and do not require much finishing work. However, the method is sensitive to rust and impurities that can cause pore formation in the weld. If you use these methods, it is to be indoors as drafts can interfere with the welding process.

TIG - Gas tungsten welding

LPG welding or TIG welding is a fusion welding method that got its name from the English name Tungsten Insert Gas. The method is slower than metal arc welding. The advantage of the method is that it can give more qualitative results. TIG welding is suitable if you are going to do welding work where the end result should be visually appealing. It is used on all weldable materials and often for welding thinner materials precisely because it is a slower welding method.

MMA welding - Metal arc welding

MMA welding (pin welding) means metal arc welding and is the most common welding method used in both construction and design forging. It is used for several different metals and can be made with simple equipment. Therefore, it is a suitable gateway to welding because it contains all the steps of welding. It also has relatively simple equipment. MMA welding is suitable for outdoor use and not as weather sensitive as other welding methods. Therefore, it is often used in repairs. It requires a certain habit because the welding method is slow.

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