Mobile stand by shoulder

Here you have a mobile stand that is suitable for both phones, tablets and Ipads. It was Axel who designed the mobile stand when he was 10 years old and was in the workshop working on the metal curtain. He took some leftover pieces of sheet metal and bent them in the manual bending machine and the result was very good! Since then he has sold a few copies and the mobile stand has received great reviews.

Mass production of mobile stands

The mobile stand is both easy to use and has a stylish design that fits in all environments regardless of interior style. A convenient solution so that you don't have to hold your mobile phone or iPad when you're going to watch a movie, talk on the phone or study/work. The mobile stand is perfect for watching movies, participating in digital meetings, recording tik-tok, etc. It is suitable for most types of mobile phones, tablets and Ipads.

With the environment in focus

The mobile stand is made from leftover material and is available in both brass and copper. It has a stable construction and is made of metal, which means that the mobile stand is both durable and long-lasting. So a better environmental choice!

Available for purchase in our web shop

This spring webshop there are self-designed interior details made of wrought iron. There you will find the mobile site at the unbeatable price of SEK 120. It has received great reviews. We wish Axel the best of luck with the sale!

mobile stand

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