Happy Friday at Lundgren's

It is very exciting what is happening in our forging workshops right now, both in Bromma and Järfälla. Some of the best blacksmiths in town are back from their vacations. We have replenished the force with more skilled and dedicated project managers in forging and glass. There are also good blacksmiths on the way. In addition, we have new apprentices that we will learn everything we can - for real! Together we perform world-class forging & glass. And there is a great autumn ahead!

In progress right now

Right now we manufacture and assemble security products all over Sweden. We also make an exclusive double door for a restaurant in the inner city. We also manufacture various types of wrought iron railings. Everything from elegant stair railings and classic balcony railings to specially ordered wrought iron railings with supervisors for churches. All are manufactured with a high focus on quality and precision.

That the interest in learning to weld is great is great fun! Next week, the autumn welding courses finally start. So secure your place today. See our range and sign up here.

Do you need quick help?

We have some projects in the starting pit so next week we have some capacity left. If you need quick help with something, just give us a call signal!

We are looking for new employees

We are increasing in turnover and have also received orders for several larger projects to be carried out during 2022/23. Very exciting and fun! In order to grow in step with development, we need to almost double our workforce and form good teams. If you know someone who is looking for a new job, please let them know that we are looking for new employees. We need to replenish the force with more blacksmiths and also assemblers who will work from north to south. It's an exciting journey to be a part of! See our vacancies here.

Happy Friday

The Friday feeling comes when the Friday cookies are served and it's freshly cleaned in the blacksmith's workshop. And the icing on the cake are jobs that get done! That a week can go by so fast. We wish you all a really wonderful weekend! Happy friday!

LUNDGRENS SMIDE - forging & glass since 1952
To deliver a good project to a satisfied customer!

Lundgrens Smide has been delivering in Stockholm since 1952. We offer most things in steel, glass and forging constructions to both construction companies and private individuals. We do most things within construction forging, glass and metal sectionsinterior forging and servicesmide and also organizes welding courses. Lundgrens is happy to do advanced forging and glass work where we contribute our expertise and provide suggestions for technical solutions. And, you probably did not miss our bestsellers back / pizza steel and grill press?
We have fully equipped workshops in both Bromma and Järfälla and can therefore provide good and fast service. Over 50 people work with us.  

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Do you want help? 

Then if you want to hear from you, you get a cuddlefree proposal. You can also send your request to anbud@smide.com or fill in this form. If you want to talk to one of our project managers, you can also call us  08-684 118 00.

Work with us? We always have room for skilled project managers and blacksmiths with the right attitude. Here you can see what we are looking for right now.