Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween may this day bring you positive excitement in your life! It's best to put the big bowl of treats in front of you so you don't risk being exposed to a prank!

Many of our blacksmiths are in the forge workshop today and the atmosphere is at its best! They weld, cut, grind when they manufacture forged products. Right now they make exclusive wrought iron railings in bulk, steel stairs, frames, trash cans, metal glass parts, etc. In addition to that, we manufacture security doors and other protective products. While others are out assembling ramps, reinforcements, gratings, glass walls and protective doors both in Stockholm and in other parts of Sweden.

The final sprint

Halloween occurs on the last day of October. We have two important months ahead of us when everything will be decided. We are in phase with our goals and are ready for the final sprint. New staff are on their way in and we have good capacity to take on more jobs. Do you need help with anything? Then you should Contact Us and you will get quick help. We deliver comprehensive solutions in forging and glass and are happy to take on advanced jobs.


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A Lundgrens Smide offers the most in steel, glass and forged constructions and we have over 70 years of experience in manufacturing and assembly. We deliver complete end-to-end solutions and have focused on advanced forging and glass jobs for both companies and private individuals. Lundgrens also makes cell doors and security doors for institutions and prisons, among other things. We have fully equipped workshops in Bromma and Järfälla. With us you get durable forging and also good and fast service. We have over 50 blacksmiths at your service! 

Need help? Then you should call 08-684 118 00 or send your request to anbud@smide.com  We help you find the best solution!

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And, surely you haven't missed that we also organize welding courses and that you can buy pizza steel?