Work with us

We are a growing group that is looking for more employees. Our goal is to always deliver a good project to a satisfied customer! It requires teams with a strong community and a culture characterized by commitment, knowledge and teamwork. Hiring people with the right skills and a good attitude is important for us to achieve our goals.

With us, there is a warm and wonderful atmosphere among knowledgeable and experienced employees who find solutions in advanced forging and glass jobs.

We are looking for:

  • blacksmiths
  • fitters
  • supervisor
  • project manager
  • work managers

Do you want to work with us? Then you should send your application to or fill in this form. If you have questions regarding the services, you can call 08-684 118 27.


To work at Lundgren's Forge

It started in the small workshop in the garage in Storskogen in 1952. For three family generations, Lundgrens Smide has preserved the craft tradition and delivered complete solutions in forging and glass to both construction companies and private individuals in Greater Stockholm and the surrounding area. Our projects vary in both size and character and we do most things in building forging, glass and metal parts, interior forging and service forging. We have focused on forging and glass work, which many others in the industry find difficult to perform.  Our goal is to always deliver a good project to a satisfied customer. Therefore, we are happy to contribute with new angles and help our customers find the best solutions. 

Lundgrens Smide currently employs around 40 people, consisting of project managers, supervisors, blacksmiths and fitters. Our forging workshop is located in Bromma and with our central location we can be quickly on site. 

The group includes Bröderna Eddings Smide, which has been operating in Stockholm since 1945. Eddings is an independent forging business with around 20 employees. Bröderna Eddings manufactures all types of forging work in their workshop in Järfälla. Read more about them here.

Why Lundgrens?

Working at Lundgren's involves work in many different types of projects, both in size and character. The work offers great variety in an exciting work environment where the possibilities are endless. We offer a platform with great development opportunities. With us, you can run your own business and get to see the results. Lundgrens has a strong will to succeed and likes to try new ways to grow and get better.

Lundgren always strives to make a good project a satisfied customer. It requires teams with a strong community and a culture characterized by commitment, interest, technical know-how and cooperation. The vision is for Lundgren to become a place where skilled people gather to do exciting business together. We invest in community and creating a pleasant environment for our employees. The goal is for everyone to be able to control their work situation and influence their development. That everyone should be allowed to work with what they think is fun and that they are skilled at. It should be fun and meaningful to go to work! Lundgrens wants to be a workplace for everyone! Together we solve all types of forging work and build something unique in the industry!