Metal craft

2,000.00 kr

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  • Creative
  • Welding and forging
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Realize your own ideas in forging on our metal craft!  Combine benefit with pleasure!

On Thursdays, we open up our forging workshop for metal handicraft! Based on your own ideas and wishes, our experienced course leader guides and guides you from idea to finished product. You can sketch any object such as a table, shelf, candlestick or anything else. If you are a beginner, depending on what you want to create, you will gain basic knowledge about material selection, methods, tools and machines. You who already have basic knowledge work with what you want to create or repair. The course leader who is on site introduces machines, gives tips, advice, etc. It is also possible to get to the metal craft if you want to practice welding.

You stay in our well-equipped blacksmith workshop with access to welds, tools and machines.

Price all day: SEK 2,000/occasion (+materials)

Material cost will be added. You can bring your own material if you wish. We are happy to help with material purchases.

Feel free to come and try once before and if you want to continue, you can go to the discounted price.

Goal: your own craft that you have created yourself.

Previous knowledge
No previous knowledge required. A course that is suitable for both beginners and those who already have experience of welding and manufacturing forged products.

Registration: pre-registration required. It is possible to register for individual occasions or the entire course. Registration is possible as long as there is space.

Previous participants:

"Went metal craft last Saturday with Jimmy as teacher. Jimmy is a good educator and very helpful with ideas and generously shares his professional knowledge. I made two crows. The welds are not beautiful but the construction works. I am very happy with the day and think it is a privilege to be able to use the workshop's resources and be guided in the work by knowledgeable and friendly staff. ”

“Last Saturday I was finally at Metallslöjd at Lundgren's! How fun! So instructive! So good teacher! I am very happy with the day and want to share the end result. A 3 m long TV bench with 3 steel bases and on top 2 acacia wooden boards. Thanks to Marco's skilled craftsmanship, advice and tips, we got a really nice construction. ”

"Imagine getting metal crafts in a real workshop!"

"The evening was really good!"

Good to know

  • Appropriate clothing that is long-sleeved and durable, preferably cotton. Real shoes. Safety shoes / work shoes are preferred. Exchange options are available on site. 
  • Simpler welding helmet and gloves are available to borrow. 
  • The price includes VAT.
  • As a participant in our courses, you are responsible for ensuring that you are insured for accidents during the current course. 
  • Lundgrens reserves the right to cancel a course that receives too few registered course participants. In these cases, you will be notified by email and / or telephone. In that case, you will be offered to take another course opportunity. 
  • If we are forced to cancel a course before the start of the course, you are always entitled to a refund of the course fee you have paid and if you are unable to participate in the course offered. The same applies if we are forced to change the times for the course opportunities in a way that means that you can not participate in the course.
  • Only come if you are healthy! In case of illness, call 08-684 118 00 or email to book a new opportunity. Cancellation due to illness must be made at least 12 hours before the planned course so that you can rebook your course opportunity free of charge. 
  • If you are absent from any course opportunity for a reason other than those stated above, this course opportunity is consumed. You can thus not make up for that opportunity later during the course free of charge or receive financial compensation for the time when you were absent.