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  • Pizza steel - bake pizzas 
  • Food steel - frying table for grill and stove
  • Baking steel - bake bread and sourdough bread
  • Green steel -a better environmental choice!

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With our affordable baking / pizza steel, you can bake both pizza and bread in a completely ordinary oven, just as good as in a restaurant! The pizza steel gives your oven as good heat as a wood-fired stone oven that allows you to make a pizza or bread with a perfect consistency. In just a few minutes, your pizza is ready, your pizza is ready! It is also possible to bake flatbread and sourdough bread with the pizza steel. It also works great as a frying table on the grill, stove or open fire. Works on induction, ceramic hobs and electric and gas stoves. Use it to make smashed burger. or fry vegetables, fish etc. 

The baking/pizza steel may have small scratches (from manufacturing) and more will appear as you use it. Small scratches are completely normal regardless of which baking/pizza steel you buy.

Made of hot-rolled steel in sustainable climate-compensated green steel - a better environmental choice! A steel that lasts for generations and is almost impossible to damage so that it cannot be used.

Fits in a home oven.

Measure: 370 × 330 mm x 8 mm

Material: hot rolled steel

Weight: 7.8 kg

Delivery time: 3-7 days or collect in store. You can also come by and buy on the spot Bromma. We take swish.

Care & use: read here how to care for and maintain your baking / pizza steel.

Do you want a different size? Contact us because we take orders for custom-made baking / pizza steel.

This is how you make pizza

Use as a frying table

It is possible to use the pizza steel as a frying table on both the grill and the stove. The baking / pizza steel can be used on the grill, on an open fire or on a stove / induction hob. With the steel, you make fantastically good burgers, among other things. A smashed burger is about getting the best possible surface. Thanks to the meat surface having direct contact with the hot steel, it becomes juicy, tasty and crunchy on the outside. Called maillard reaction arises ie a chemical reaction between carbohydrates and amino acids in the meat and it turns golden brown and caramelized.

Here's how to make a smashed burger

Check out ours video how to step by step make a good smased burger.

Here's how to make a smashed burger:

  1. Heat the steel on the grill or stove.
  2. Shape the minced meat into balls and place it on the steel. No cooking fat is needed for frying.
  3. Press the minced meat directly onto the steel with one grill press / smasher. Hold the pressure for a short while, about 10 seconds. Salt and / or season to taste. There are special grill presses / smashers for this, but a large frying pan or the underside of a saucepan can also be used.
  4. Turn the burgers when the burgers start to "bleed", ie when you see meat juice begin to penetrate the surface of the uncooked side. The meat usually sticks, so use a good spatula.
  5. In just a few minutes, your burgers are ready to eat. Wear good accessories and enjoy your homemade burger! Quick, easy and so good!

Baka surdeg

The baking steel works excellently for baking sourdough bread, among other things. A baking steel that helps to keep the heat in the oven better. To get a nice rise on the bread, a lot of underheating is needed and a baking steel comes in handy. Learn how to bake sourdough bread with Baker Wilson here. 


Thoroughly clean the steel before first use. Use warm water and dish brush. Dry thoroughly and lubricate it with cooking oil. Then you can heat the steel in the oven with the cooking oil on. Let it burn for about 15-30 minutes. Then wipe off the oil with some kitchen paper.

 Clean the steel after each use. The steel should cool for at least one hour after use for easier handling. Start by wiping the steel with kitchen paper and removing food debris. Then clean the steel with warm water and a dish brush or the yellow side of a dish sponge. Hand wash is recommended. If it is difficult to remove food debris, you can leave the steel in hot water for a quarter of an hour before cleaning it. The steel can advantageously be re-greased with a thin layer of cooking oil after use. It is important to wipe off excess grease and to keep the steel dry and clean to avoid rust formation.

NOTE! Do not use a dishwasher when cleaning as it may cause rust

If rust forms, you can lubricate it with cooking oil and wipe it with kitchen paper until the rust disappears. You can also heat the steel in the oven with cooking oil on. Let it burn for about 10-15 minutes. Then wipe off the oil with kitchen paper. 

If you have used it as a frying table, it is good to wash it when it is still hot to make it easier to get rid of frying residue. Be careful!

With each use, your pizza steel will change color and get a darker shade to get a new nice surface color after a while. 

Do you want to become a reseller?

Contact us at or call 08-684 118 27.


Previous customers about our pizza steel:

"The pizza steel went home and became a good Christmas present for our son".

“It turned out to be super good pizzas. You will learn to get more orders to Norrland now after our successful pizza night ?
"Thank you for a great pizza steel!" Daniel

"It turned out to be great pizzas." Erik

"Thank you for a fine steel!" Edvard

“Awesome good steel. Very very happy with the result on my pizzas ??

"Brilliant steel, so happy !."

“Thank you for a great product, tested this weekend which was with fantastic results. The friend who was with us and ate pizza then ordered his own from you directly “Kent

“Has received a pizza steel from you. Super happy! Olle

“Immersed in holiday times and good pizzas made on pizza steel from you. 275 degrees in the upper part of the oven. 4 minutes and it will be well baked pizza base with a good burn underneath thanks to your steel. Thanks" ??? Jonas

“Sells very affordable pizza steel / gourmet steel. Friendly staff." Henrik

"Results were really good with the help of the pizza steel!" Peder

”Premiere baked with baking steel / pizza steel. How good it was! Cheapest steel from Lundgrens. ” Lena

"We are very happy with our baking steel!" Bea

"Brilliant baking / pizza steel!".

“I am super happy with the steel, it will be delicious pizzas !. Well

“I got the steel I ordered very efficiently to Ö-vik for my father's birthday. It was very much appreciated! ”

“I have a new back steel from Lundgren's soooo good! It lifts so well now the bread and my little mini sauna with stones underneath. That's what you have to do when you don't have a steam oven. ”

"Testing my new back steel from @lundgrenab wow! A must for all home bakers. @ bagare.wilson is the one who made me abandon the brick. ” Hobergs sourdough bakery

Many thanks for fantastic pizza steel, the pizza was absolutely perfect! Johanna

"The best pizza the whole family enjoyed!" Anna

"Very happy with the steel!" Eva

"Works great for baking sourdough bread." Lena

"Very affordable!" Baker Wilson

“I really love the baking steel! Lena

"Today the new steel from @lundgrenab was inaugurated, which came this week. That together with a lot of steam, I guess was one of the reasons for the result! ”

"Fantastically good pizza steel and the pizzas are really good, highly recommended".

"Have one yourself and bought three pieces as gifts, a 'hot' gift tip!"

"I am very happy with my steel and have recommended several friends to buy from you :-)"

"Bought a pizza steel from you and both the delivery and the condition of the plate was great!"

"Fantastic service, get my warmest recommendations!" Martin

In Lundgrens webshop you will find interior details in wrought iron. Here you will find a wonderful mix of interior design and design in sustainable forging. You shop easily and conveniently and get what you order sent home. It is also possible to pick it up yourself this spring forging workshop after you place your order. Can not find what you are looking for? Contact Us because we take special orders. 


Additional information

Weight 7.81 kg
Dimensions 33 × 37 × 0.8 cm

171 reviews for Bak/pizzastål 8 mm – BÄSTSÄLJARE

  1. Kjell Bergström -

    Works very well in the oven and the pizza was baked like at the pizzeria. Also gave a good result when baking bread. Also very affordable and delivered quickly in two days.

  2. Emma -

  3. Björn Rönnbäck -

  4. Oskar Wiklund -

  5. Daniel Petersson -

  6. Alexandra Håkansson -

  7. Tommi Hynynen -

  8. Christopher Sable -

    Solid that will last a lifetime but got a few odd scratches that look more handmade than transport damage but of course it could be. Nothing that will affect my pizzas more cosmetically disturbing.

  9. Anneli -

    Perfect size nice smooth surface

  10. Christina Gustavsson -

    Best pizza plate! Perfect pizza in minutes! Beautiful bases on the pizzas. Best buy ever!

  11. Henrik Eklund -

    Back steel in the best quality.

  12. Per -

    good steel for pizza and baking. highly recommended!

  13. Thomas -

    Professional craftsmanship

  14. Harry Lexholm -

  15. Håkan -

  16. Michael Månsson -

    What a great product. Will be recommended to all friends.

  17. Maria -

    Works great when baking!

  18. Anonymous -

  19. Gunilla -

  20. Anette Bjärnstedt -

  21. Tobias Grönberg -

  22. Sarah B. -

  23. Filip F. -

    A steel that will last for many in the future. Very happy with mine, store heat in a fantastic way

  24. Annika Lundblad -

    Works so well the pizza turned out well????????????

  25. Anonymous -

  26. Sofie M. -

  27. Peder Jakobsson -

  28. Pia Lindgren -

    Do not know anything about the product as it is a birthday gift.

  29. Helena -

  30. Anonymous -

  31. Linda Nygren -

  32. Adam S. -

    Fully satisfied!

  33. Inger -

    The pizza was amazingly good.

  34. Hakan B. -

    Fits perfectly to the oven and works great.

  35. Bosse Jansson -

    Has not been tested yet but what could be wrong? ????

  36. Lena -

  37. Emelie Klasson -

    Well cut, no sharp degrees / edges. Fantastic good results on the pizzas! Order another to give as a gift!

  38. Robert B. -

    Fast delivery

  39. Helena -

    Stylish and solid!

  40. Bengt Wallström -

  41. Pontus Hermansson -

    Heavy steel with just the right dimensions.

  42. Mats -

    Clearly affordable

  43. Johan -

    Much better baking than pizza stone. Now Vito will soon be proud of me!

  44. Anonymous -

  45. Mika -

    Super fast delivery, very good price. In addition, nice instructions on the web and on the included label instructions both in terms of care but also how to prepare the plate before use. We will enjoy this a lot.

  46. Johanna -

    Fast and fantastically good pizzas

  47. Rickard Alexandersson -

    Very good price for a real steel

  48. Ida -

  49. Ulf Aronson -

    Have already baked pizzas and baguettes with very good results ????

  50. Anonymous -

  51. Liisa Ytterström -

    The son got what he wanted on his 45th birthday

  52. Anonymous -

  53. Tero Paakki -

    Superbly good. Worked flawlessly.

  54. Robert Emanuelsson -

    Magically fast delivery and excellent quality

  55. Rolf -

  56. Costina Zehan -

  57. Hans-Uwe -

  58. David -

    Used twice, does its job!

  59. Paul Davidsson -

  60. Baki Vatansever -

  61. Kristoffer -


  62. Jonas -

    Evenly good

  63. Karin Arctaedius -

  64. Anonymous -

  65. Dick Holmdahl -

  66. Annela B. -

    Looks solid, it is heavy at least. Have not tested. Christmas present.

  67. André S. -

  68. Ingrid -

    Good welcome, good service and feedback, good goods, very satisfied

  69. alexander s. -

    Tested with a pizza on it, got very good results from having it inside at maximum temperature for an hour before baking.
    I also expected a coarser finish on the surface of the steel, but I think it was very good

  70. Emil -

  71. Ulrika H. -

  72. Jan -

  73. Otherwise -

    Efficient and affordable pizza steel that worked as promised!

  74. Anonymous -


  75. Ulf -

  76. Tina Rundström -

    Har nu bakat två omgångar och det funkar så bra. När jag lägger på min pizza så fräser det ordentligt och dom blir så krispiga och goda. Som en ”riktig” köpe-pizza 🙂

  77. Kjell Jönsson -

  78. Birger B. -

    I'm happy and surprised ????????

  79. Micke B. -

    Very good product, recommended!

  80. Helene -

    Works perfectly, Damage / scratch on the steel upon delivery is only cosmetic.

  81. Anonymous -

    Good price and worked perfectly with bread at the back

  82. Mikael L. -

    Satisfied, looking forward to trying it, perfect gift. Nice design with laser engraving of the logo, would be fantastic if you could get your own text in engraved. ????

  83. Frida Lejon -

    Wow what nice pizzas it will be with my new gourmet steel. Since I have a regular oven, this product is the best option for good pizzas.

  84. Mattias -

    Just what I was looking for. This one will hardly crack like the pizza stone I owned before.

  85. Eilert -

    Unfortunately they have not tested yet

  86. Mikael -

  87. Catarina E. -

  88. Peter Lejdegård -

    Great, works perfectly as both a frying table and a pizza plate

  89. Michael -

  90. Anonymous -

  91. Anonymous -


  92. Jasmina -

    Fantastically satisfied! The pizza is ready in 4 minutes with a nice color, really great!

  93. Anonymous -

    Fine and useful pizza steel

  94. Philip A. -

    Function as described. However, I would have liked the logo to have been laser engraved instead of the laser cut. Then less flour, etc. gets stuck in it. But I solved it by turning it upside down

  95. Anonymous -

  96. Erika -

  97. Mattias -

    Corresponds to description.

  98. Lars C. -

  99. Edvard Rehn -

  100. Susanne Frigghe Kahlström -

    Have not had time to test yet

  101. Janos Amosy -

    Beautiful. Have not tried yet

  102. Maria S. -

    Became perfect pizzas on the first try!

  103. Jerry -

    The edge may have been sanded or machined after cutting

  104. Fredrik -

  105. Stefan Brinkenberg -

    Burnt and ready, today I baked the first Neapolitan pizza on steel.
    Became magically delicious with a perfectly baked pizza, crispy and chewy at the same time.

  106. Nermin A. -

    Fast delivery !!

  107. Birgitta M. -

    Have not had time to try, only burned in. Feels good. Would have liked to have seen that it was a few cm wider

  108. Class S. -

    Great baking steel

  109. Mikael Hansson -

  110. His -

    Fantastic good product. Bought this instead of our old pizza stone (of lava) which cracked in half when there was a splash on it in the oven. This pizza steel gives even better pizzas than the old stone; in fact, the tastiest and crispiest pizzas we've ever eaten. And there is really no risk of it cracking like the old stone did. Even though it is very heavy, it is still manageable. A spotless purchase!

  111. Joakim -

  112. Anonymous -


  113. Britt -

    Elegant, stylish and useful!

  114. Roland -

  115. Kenneth -

    Worked great on my weber q3200

  116. Anonymous -

    Works perfectly in the oven - good pizzas with good bottoms????

  117. Mattias -

    A solid piece of high quality steel. The price is extremely competitive!

  118. Anonymous -

    Just tested two pizzas on a gas grill yet, seems great, the bottom gets crispy, but I need to tune in the process with heating and cooking times. (Own you, type Neapolitan pizza.)
    Looking forward to testing the steel as a frying surface as well, and for baking bread!
    Feeling very satisfied so far. Would love to have more accessory products in your shop, such as pizza spatula.

  119. Kristofer -

    Very affordable and usable pizza steel. Recommended!

  120. Sara H. -

    Have used the baking steel a couple of times, for baking bread and pizza, works without problems! It's a bit heavy to handle, but it's expected from a solid steel product. It might have been 0.5-1 cm larger to make room for more bread, but I can imagine that it may not fit in all ovens then. Very pleased.

  121. Per Dalek -

  122. Otherwise -

  123. Peter W. -

    Haven't used it yet. Just "burned in" it but feels very solid. Likes that it feels and looks artisanal instead of industrially produced. Highly recommended and very affordable!

  124. Tor Söderlund -

    Have not gotten it home yet so it would not have hurt if this customer survey came a week later

  125. Robert Schütz -

    Bra kvalité samt pris för pizza/bak stål 8mm samt snabb leverans . Önskar bara ni haft en fin pizza spade man kunde beställt 😉
    10 out of 10 Calzone you get
    / R, S

  126. Ivan -

    Fantastic plate, best pizzas ever!

  127. Anonymous -

  128. Mikael D. -

  129. Teresa -

  130. Magnus -

  131. Sofia B. -

  132. Henrik A. -

  133. Maria Westermark -

  134. Thomas B. -

    Truly a fantastic tool for getting a crispy bottom on the pizza. Very satisfied!

  135. Tobias -

  136. Tomas W. -

  137. Jan Larsson -

  138. Thanh Quach -

  139. Mikael S. -

  140. Björn Henriksson -

    Can not give anything other than 5 *.
    Made both smash burgers with the steel on the grill and pizza in the oven with top results. At least as good as any burger place, and the pizzas will be if not even better ???????? Highly recommend!

  141. Helen Einarsson -

  142. Karin Söderberg -

  143. Maria H. -

  144. Thomas -

    Robust and solid. Maybe lacks a little finesse but what does it do when it's a pizza steel.

  145. Joachim -

    absolutely perfect

  146. Robert -

    Have not had time to try this yet, but it is burnt and ready for the next time. Solid and good thickness that will keep the heat perfectly.

  147. Anonymous -

  148. Marcos -

  149. Carina Colliander Holst -

  150. Magnus -

    Burned in when I got it. Used the day after.
    Good and crispy result!

  151. Jarkko K. -

  152. Rasmus -

  153. Anonymous -

  154. Ghita Nummelin -

  155. Anonymous -

  156. Peter Edenhäll -

  157. Åsa Bokor -

    Worked perfectly! Lovely bottoms on the pizzas.

  158. Nina -

  159. Anonymous -

    Very good!

  160. KURT -

  161. Christer Eriksson -

    Looks good

  162. Michael Åkerström -

    The plate looks very nice. It is a little difficult to grip because it is quite heavy.
    As a suggestion, it might have been good to sell the plate with a protective bag, alt. Sell one as an accessory.
    I look forward to baking bread and pizzas on the plate, very exciting!

  163. Eva Häggmark Nilsson -

    We already have one late before and now we are giving away one as a gift. We have also made friends order the same.

  164. Anonymous -

  165. Markus Bengtsson -

    tungt som fan, när de väl e uppvärmt, bara slänga på köttbollarna o sen smasha ut dom , ska även testa o göra pizza på den 😀

  166. Hans Persson -

    This steel makes all the difference!
    Now we make better pizzas at home than they do at the local pizzeria. 8 mm steel works exactly as promised for more pizzas in a row.

  167. Hans Persson -

    This steel makes all the difference!
    Now we make better pizzas at home than they do at the local pizzeria

  168. Anonymous -

  169. Jörgen Aldén -

  170. Johan -

  171. Patrick -

    Really good!

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