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  • Green steel -a better environmental choice!

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Tasteful grill press / smasher in square design. With this ultimately designed grill press / smasher, you get maximum effect and can make fantastically good burgers. This grill press / smasher has a 15 cm wide square and smooth bottom plate of 6 mm which gives good weight. It is made of stainless solid steel. The fact that it has a stable and grip-friendly 8 mm thick handle means that you get the power you need to shape and press your burgers so that they get the perfect surface and maximum taste.

In addition to smashed burgers, you can use the tool as a frying pan and grill press. When used as a grill press, it ensures that the food is evenly grilled and prevents thin pieces of meat from twisting. It also shortens the grilling time. You can also use it as a gas press. 

A very durable product that is made of climate-compensated hot-rolled green steel - a better environmental choice! Lasts for generations.

Measure: Width base plate: 150 mm Height: 90 mm Material thickness: 6 mm base plate and 8 mm handle

Weight: about 1.4 kg

Delivery time: shipped immediately after ordering.

This is how you make smashburgers

See the video how to make you a perfectly smashed burger

A smashed burger is about getting the best possible surface. Thanks to the meat surface having direct contact with the hot steel, it becomes juicy, tasty and crunchy on the outside. Called maillard reaction arises ie a chemical reaction between carbohydrates and amino acids in the meat and it turns golden brown and caramelized. Use one with advantage pizza / baking / baking table on the grill or stove.

1. Heat the steel
2. Shape the minced meat into buns
and place it on the steel.
Press the minced meat directly onto the steel using a smasher.
Hold the pressure for a short while, about 10 seconds.
4. Turn the burgers when the burgers start to "bleed", ie when you see meat juice begin to penetrate the surface of the uncooked side.
The meat usually sticks, so use a good spatula.
5. In just a few minutes, your burgers are ready to eat. Wear good accessories and enjoy your homemade burger!

Care and cleaning

Before first use: cleans grill press / smashern carefully before first use. Use warm water and dish brush. Dry thoroughly. Hand wash is recommended.

After use: grill press / smashers should cool before cleaning for easier handling. Start by wiping the tool with kitchen paper and removing food debris. Use warm water and a brush when cleaning. To remove stubborn dirt, you can soak it for a while. Then wash it off and dry it well. Store it dry to prevent rust.

Care & maintenance: the grill press / smasher can advantageously be re-greased with a thin layer of cooking oil after use. It is important to wipe off excess grease and to keep the steel dry and clean to avoid rust formation. For better rust and dirt protection, it can be good to maintain and burn your steel at regular intervals. The steel can change color during use and get a new fine surface color. 

If rust forms, you can lubricate it with cooking oil and wipe it with kitchen paper until the rust disappears.  

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Previous customers about our grill masher

"One of the better ones I've seen, highly recommended!" Kjell

"Cool design and works great". Magnus




Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 0.8 cm

18 reviews for Grillpress/Smasher – BÄSTSÄLJARE

  1. Emma -

  2. Joakim Brauer -

  3. Mats Lifh -

  4. Pär D. -

  5. Tero Paakki -

    Will smasha perfect.

  6. Jan Sanderhem -

  7. Stefan Tärnerstig -

  8. Johan E. -

  9. Britt -

    Easy to use, have already tried it and Good!

  10. Peter W. -

    Haven't used it yet. Likes that it feels and looks artisanal instead of industrially produced. Highly recommended!

  11. Magnus -

  12. Maria Westermark -

  13. Thomas -

    Feels robust and quite massive. If the canon works to flatten it out the most with the weight, you can use it to stay on top of, for example, burgers when you fry. A very good smashing brain.

  14. Robert -

    Feels solid and good. It will be no problem to smash the burgers with this one.

  15. Anonymous -

  16. Joakim H. -

    Good craftsmanship, and good-looking, which could be even better if the shaft was longer / higher up, or if it was outside the smash part itself, much like a frying pan, so you avoid the risk of burning yourself due to the heat required for a real smash. And if the smash part itself were round instead of rectangular it could also make it better, then probably 5: 5. Thanks.

  17. KURT -

  18. Isa -

    Very good!

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