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Finally, as customers and manufacturers in the steel industry, we can climate-compensate our steel use. This is done through afforestation in long-term sustainable projects together with Zero Mission. Planting trees and counteracting deforestation is one of the most effective methods available for climate compensation. It both reduces emissions and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Behind the investment Green Steel stands MVR and the Norwegian Steel Association. Our CEO Richard Lundgren is on MVR's board and has been involved in the project from the start. In the project, MVR and the Norwegian Steel Association collaborate with Plåt & Ventföretagen, Svensk Byggplåt, Sinf, Stål & Mekangruppen, Den Norske Stålgruppen, Industrigruppen Stål & Fasade and the Norwegian Association for Steel Structures.

For us, it is important to do what we can for the environment and a reduced climate impact. Climate change is one of the absolute fateful issues of our time. Through Green Steel, we as entrepreneurs can profile ourselves and climate compensate our entire business. MVR helps you!


We can offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions. With over 65 years of experience and broad industry knowledge, we can offer the best solutions according to your needs. We have a fully equipped workshop in Sundbyberg and know fast service. Today, more than 50 people work at Lundgrens.


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