Monthly newsletter June 2020 - everything in forging & glass

Holidays - we are open all summer! 

Now it's holiday time, but we are open as usual for our forging jobs do not take holidays. Some days bring with them increased pressure that we hope you can understand. We do our best to have time to answer all exciting inquiries.

Welcome to the gang!

A warm welcome to our new blacksmiths Pablo and Bassam! We also welcome Viktor who went one welding course this spring and who is with us to try out the profession. 

Several Available positions

The high demand for forging and glass means that we need to replenish our strength with even more staff. We are looking for blacksmiths within finsmide which can dress glass sections in various materials such as brass and copper. Builders and fitters in both Stockholm and Norrköping are also needed. In addition, we are looking for project managers who know sheet metal and forge. 

Working with us means a fun job in many different types of projects, both in size and in character. We always strive to achieve the best results and exceed customer expectations. It requires teams with a strong community and a culture characterized by commitment, personal responsibility, interest, technical know-how and cooperation. The vision is for Lundgren to become a platform that skilled people with different skills and backgrounds can use to create unique products in forging and glass. A place where we collaborate and have fun together. The goal is for everyone to be able to control their everyday life and influence their development and work situation. With us, the possibilities are endless! Because we dare to try new things.

Do you want to become one of us? Then you should fill in this form. More information coming soon Available positions on our website. 

Hot plates in a double sense

Right now we have an ongoing summer campaign on pizza steel and there is a high demand. But, is it really possible to bake pizzas as good as in a restaurant with a pizza steel? It works! The grill element in the oven heats the pizza steel to a very high temperature. When you bake the pizza, it gets heat from the steel from below as in a real pizza oven. The direct contact with the hot steel gives the pizza a crispy and good bottom. The pizza also gets heat from the grill element, which means that it gets a perfect baking. The steel can also be used as a frying table on the grill for fish, vegetables and meat. You can also bake bread on the steel. 

Eager to test? Then you should take the opportunity to buy pizza steel for only SEK 344 this spring webshop

Finishes with a few flashes of light 

Absenteeism dropped to zero at the end of June after being between 12-30 % since the beginning of the corona epidemic. 

Another flash of light is Martin's record sales! Hard work and focus on customer relationships gave a brilliant result! Congratulations to our star salesman who got home store after store!


We are experts in forging & glass with almost 70 years of history. Our long experience and broad industry knowledge means that we can offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions to both construction companies and private individuals. You can also take a welding course with us. We have fully equipped workshops in Bromma and Järfälla and we can therefore provide service quickly and easily. 50 skilled blacksmiths are at your service!


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