Friday's order is restored

After we have gone on team trips in Palma and Prague, the Friday order is restored with homemade for morning coffee and 5 S.

It is beginning to feel that the move to our new forging workshop is approaching. A move that is expected to be completed in February 2020. We clean and clear on our 5 S meetings. Anyone who has moved at some point in their life knows how much work it is with a move. But if Elon can build a space rocket that will be able to go until March, I am convinced that we will be able to move to Tornväktargränd. It feels really good with our new premises and it is a fantastic opportunity to be able to create a completely new forging workshop. That we get to design a new workshop with even better order and order will lead to our forging jobs flowing even better in a safe and pleasant working environment.

During this week we have started with a new beam job for the LA group. We have built sheet metal walls for Fridhemsplan day and night. In addition, we have made protective grilles and wrought iron railings, welding work and a ladder. Furthermore, we have continued with the curtain facade and made interior forging for Biskopsudden and installed glass sections for Bromma Church. We have also developed new products for our webshop so keep an eye out. 

Nice weekend!