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Good continuation!

Many enjoy time off while there are some brave ones who hold the positions in the forging workshop. Soon we will put an end to another chapter in Lundgrens 66-year history. Like life, 2018 consisted of highs and lows and everyday life in between. A highlight was Eddings fantastic development. Under the leadership of Adam, the iron gang managed to turn around the poor result and double the turnover. We see that the company has a good potential to develop further. On the other hand, it was tough to succeed with the sales in step with our investment with new project managers Lundgrens. Finding forms of cooperation, getting into the match and rowing home business takes time. A receipt that we are on the right track was when our new stars started ringing the order bell!

When the order bell rings at the workshop

So to some goodies during the year. IN 5 S we took over a hundred steps on the way to the goal of a better and safer workplace with higher well-being and better profitability. We followed Eezer to Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi to reduce maternal mortality. With our own eyes, we saw that the motorcycle ambulances are used and save lives in the African countryside. We taught locals in Burundi to build ambulances. Our forging teams made fun and memorable teamresor around Europe. It is difficult to summarize everything but you can read more in our monthly letter. The winning entries in the competition Picture of the month are a few moments that will stick in the memory. Here are the winners:

SEK 2,500 - anyone?

After our trip to Burundi Andree started manufacturing his first motorcycle ambulance. He sees a great need for the wagons. Unfortunately, production stopped when he, among other things. need tires and various materials to be able to continue. If you want to help Contact Us. I promise that it is an indescribable feeling to be part of making the world a little better!  

Do you want to help Andree so he can continue to make ambulances in Burundi?

What can we improve in our environment?

Recently, everyone got to answer the question: What do you think we do that is worst for the environment? Many responded to transport and driving and that we throw away material instead of reusing it. In 2019, we will work systematically with environmental issues. The goal is for us to certify ourselves according to ISO 14001 to live up to concrete and recognized environmental requirements.

The move

It is not clear what will happen to the move. We are waiting to be told if we can stay for a while longer. If we need to move, we will look for premises in the northern part and today there are premises for rent. If you know someone who is looking for a collaboration, wants to sell a plot or a workshop, feel free to contact us Richard.

Economy news

The budget for 2019 was ready. The goal is for us to sell for SEK 65 million Lundgrens and on Eddings we are aiming for SEK 30 million. Just in time for New Year, we were able to make the year's final payment of performance salaries to our performance owners.

Our projects

In December became Eddings finished with the stairs to Drottninggatan. The customer Construera was very satisfied! The large spiral staircase in Gröndal was also completed. The facade forging to Bredängen center continued and they made a lead cabinet for NKS. They received an extra order for a railing that they started manufacturing. They also received more railings for JM's building in Kallhäll. Weather permitting, they will start assembling some ground railings to Viksjö center.

On Lundgrens continued blue team with forged at Jägarbacken. The red team mounted two glass sections on Tegeluddsvägen. They continued with glascaféterian and mounted a glass wall on Ringvägen 100. Furthermore, the team mounted one steel stairs and an internal staircase. They also made sliding glass and brass doors for Hotell Gamla Stan. The green team manufactured railings, glass frames and rebuilt a floor plan. They made door frames for two wooden doors and made pram ramps. Furthermore, the team did finsmide in the form of lamp fixtures in brass. They also made the last copper-clad metal glass part for Husfrun. Since the start, we have made about 60 glass sections, most of which are made in our forging workshop. All metal sections have been clad with copper, which has then been given a green color through artificial patination. An outstanding result! Gula team made stainless steel railings and continued with steel glass sections to NKV at Karolinska University Hospital Solna. They also started with a stainless steel staircase and a stainless steel railing for Käppala as well as forging for the DHL entrance building.

A few glimpses of projects that are in the starting pit - manufacturing of railings for St. John's Church, wine racks, welding jobs at Bromma Airport and corten plates for a new restaurant on Biskoppsudden.

Anders manufactures the last copper-clad metal part for Husfrun

The roads to the goal

2019 means a great challenge for us. No road is straight, but with our cruel gang, we feel safe. Collaboration is the key to success. and together we will be able to continue to develop and deliver world-class forging. The door is ajar, so step in with us and see what 2019 has to offer. With this, we at Lundgren's customers, suppliers, colleagues and friends want one

Happy New Year!

Current dates in January 2019

  • Friday 4 January working hours day before thirteenth evening working hours at 06.30-13.15 (6 h)
  • January 5 Deadline salary
  • Friday 18 January training visual control (for some selected)
  • Friday 25 January salary payment
  • Tuesday 29 January Revision of EN1090
  • Wednesday 30 January Revision of EN1090
  • Thursday 31 January massage at 06.30-10.30 lunchroom floor 1
  • 5 S - the improvement factory on Friday at 13.45 starting January 10 (notify your group leader if you can not come)
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room


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