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January and February are tough months for us. Then it is important to find the strength to fight. My sources of inspiration are many and one of them is my five year old daughter. During the sports holiday we hung out on the slalom slope and it gave me important insights about the path to the goal. She had decided to go skiing. Her perseverance, inner drive and ability not to give up in times of adversity became the key to success. Each time she fell, she got up and went on. It became clear that when we find our passion, it will be easy to find the strength required for us to be able to make a wholehearted effort. From the band on the children's slope, she was able to descend the steepest slopes at the end of the week. At least she did not give up when it was toughest and managed to reach her goal!

With those insights, I feel even more motivated to take on Lundgren's challenges and continue to fight towards our goals.

The road to the goal

Lundgren's buck

Lundgrens has had a long collaboration with Jonas Bohlin which is one of Sweden's foremost designers and designers. Almost ten years ago, we received a drawing of Jonas on a workbench that he had designed for us. His idea was to have a couple in hot-dip galvanized steel standing in the work shed. They would be used as work stands for painting or as an extra table at the midsummer party. We made a couple and organized a competition in the spring Facebook page where we drew the first one Lundgren's buck.

It is probably the finest and most useful workbook available. We have long felt that we want to do something more of it. In January we had hours left so we took the opportunity to make some. The bucks are now available for purchase on-line. The trestle works as well as a work trestle as a table base. They can be used as a coffee, work or dining table if you place a table top in wood, glass or steel. They are easy to carry, easy to store and very functional with their adjustable height.

Lundgren's buck in white and black lacquer with fine details in brass

The forging team creates order & order with 5 S

We made some small changes in the 5 S groups so that the forging teams and Lundgren's departments can run 5 S together. It feels important to have a forum where the groups meet regularly.

We must always wear protective equipment

When we are out at work, we should always have:

  • safety helmet with chin strap
  • eye protection
  • warning clothes
  • safety shoes

For the jobs that require us, we will use:

  • ear protection
  • gloves
  • respiratory protection

Have you answered the questionnaire about protective equipment? If not, make sure we know you have the equipment we require you to use.

Protective equipment on

Seller of the month

Congratulations Tomas who became the seller of the month in February! Now waiting blacksmithing to Wrangelska Palatset, brass job to NK, a balcony installation to Audio Bilhall and steel stairs and wrought iron railings for Kv Mikroskopet in Ursvik.

Sales tips

When we have the capacity to offer our customers, it can be good to focus even more on additional sales. It takes more time and effort to sell to a new than an established customer. So knock on the booths and ask if there is anything else we can help with.

Our projects

In February, we did various things on an ongoing basis blacksmithing (alternating beams and plates) to Peab. We started with a passage system for electronic locking of apartment doors to the Social Administration. The guys continued working on the internal stairs. The construction of the Weland stairs in Kallhäll was completed. We glazed frames and started welding on the statues. Furthermore, we manufactured and assembled a ramp, alternating beams, handrails for a staircase, one door section and a steel frame clad with corten steel as well as dismantled forging. The plates for Casino Cosmopol were almost finished to a very satisfied customer. The stair railing, bars and attachments to St. John's Church were completed. We also started with a glass job, wrought iron railing and variety beams for Gustavberg's Porcelain Museum. We continued with the door section in brass and did finsmide when we made a glass rack for a bar in Sundbyberg.

Finally, we were almost finished with the construction Blicken at Handenterminalen. It was a long project that lasted for a year and a half with many trips back and forth. Glass facade, glass sections, canopies and wrought iron railings are in place. During the project, many people were involved. The Strabag customer was satisfied with the quality, planning and execution. Project manager David thanks everyone involved and he thought it was fun to be able to land the project!

In February, the glazing of the glass cafeteria and the manufacture of a stainless steel entrance to the Clarion Hotel await.

The brothers Edding's Forging

In February worked Eddings including the outdoor gym at Lötsjön in Sundbyberg. They made a room divider and a few other goodies. They sold wine rack to a wine cellar for a private person that they will start with in March.

-END -

Current dates in March

  • Tuesday, March 5 Deadline salary
  • Tuesday 5 March semfelfika at 14.00 in the lunch room bv
  • Thursday 7 March MassageFriday 15 March general meeting
  • Monday 25 March salary payment
  • 5 S - the improvement factory on Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come)
  • Planning meeting every Thursday at 09.15 in the large conference room


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