Monthly newsletter May 2019 - everything in forging & glass

Wow, wow, wow what time goes by and I only have time for half of everything I have on hand !! A feeling that I think many have now. Precisely because May is a hectic month with many deadlines at the same time as it is a lot of fun that happens with school graduations, holiday planning, etc. With summer at the door, it is important to prioritize what is most important and put a reasonable level of ambition on what you have on hand. Because then it always works out!

Take the chance and join an adventure trip to Kenya

Getting from home to a clinic to get qualified help in childbirth is a major challenge in many parts of the world. Many women often die unnecessarily because they do not have time to arrive on time. With Swedish design, know-how and local materials are manufactured Eezers motorcycle ambulances that save lives in the African countryside. Now we're looking for one Lundgrenare who gets the chance to join one of Eezer's follow-up trips to Kenya in August. During the trip, some already delivered crews in i.a. Masaai Mara is followed up. On the trip, a doer is needed who can help fix a motorcycle tow. It will be an inner and outer adventure trip and I promise that it is an indescribable feeling to make a difference on the spot! Do you want to join? Then you must register your interest with us.

Many new faces

It's full to the brim our forging workshop and even more will be this summer. We solve this with new hires and hired staff. I often hear from new employees that they receive a pleasant welcome when they come to us and that you are happy and helpful. That if anything makes us proud!

We are looking for a project manager

It's full of shops inside forge and glass which we want to capture! Therefore, we are looking for more project managers who want to work with parts or the whole within project management. So feel free to suggest and share that we are looking for a project manager! Or apply here.

A day filled with benefit and pleasure

Finally, it's time for Lundgren's spring 5 S-day! This time we will drive in groups and push away what is difficult to catch up on in the 5 S-hits. Constantly striving to remove and simplify is important for us to succeed in creating a better and safer workplace with higher well-being and better profitability.

In the evening there will be a summer party when we drive an old goodie with pentathlon on Grönan. It will be a fast-paced evening with 5-fight, rides, food and music.

Health examination

Now almost all health examinations have been carried out.


When assembling, situations sometimes arise that require a little extra thought. Such a situation arose recently when Dominykas and the gang were to assemble a tricky table construction. Then the knowledge that was in the team and the ability to work out solutions together was very valuable.

"Put your hand in mine and we will be strong together, we will be weak together, we will be together!"

Our projects

In May, the assignments took turns in the tenant-owner association Älgskyttaren in Fredhäll. First there was a balcony installation and then a wrought iron railing, a bicycle ramp, repair of elevator nets and installation of a railing modification through eight floors. Jimmy and Micke tore at SÖS with the rubber-coated wrists and the crash protection in stainless steel. The last piece of lightweight beam was mounted in the Audi garage. Wrangel Palace received an elegant leather-wrapped railing in wrought iron and a curtain rail. There was even more work at KS with door frames for all metal doors. The wine compartments to the wine place Grape to Magnusson Fine Wine rolled on according to plan. Finally, the brass jobs at NK were completed.

In May, we also started installing door sections at Arlanda and we started welding work at Bromma Airport. Almost all extra forging jobs were completed in the Käppala treatment plant.

We also manufactured a steel stand for signs for Barkabystaden. The noise barrier in Älvsjö was almost completed. The work with the corten facade for the restaurant on Biskoppsudden went well with Javier as supervisor. Finally, the job with the glass cafeteria is in the final stages.

Finally, we made wrought iron details, beams, gears, columns and steel doors. We also had time for a table base, a barbecue stand, a canopy and wrought iron railings.

This summer it will be forge and world-class ice cream! The second stage with door sections on KS, collision protection, derailleurs, wrought iron fences, steel doors, a specially ordered wrought iron railing and a lot of special wrought iron awaits.

The brothers Edding's Forging

In May mounted Eddings facade panels for two fan rooms for kv Stettin, which will be completed in June. In Tomteboda, they built two steel stairs. Furthermore, they helped Bygg Partner to manufacture grate gutters. They also installed corten steel in Gröndal. In June, Edding's will secretly start the new project Gärdesskolan with Erlandsson Bygg as the builder.

Current dates in June 2019

  • Tuesday 5 June the day before the national day working hours at 06.30-13.15 (6 h)
  • Wednesday 5 June 5-S day at 09.15-13.15
  • Wednesday 5 June general meeting at 12.30
  • Wednesday 5 June summer party with gathering at 5.30 pm at Gröna Lund
  • Wednesday 5 June Deadline Salary
  • Thursday 6 June last registration day for the follow-up trip to Kenya in August. Email your interest to and motivate why you should follow along and why you should become a good Eezeramb ambassador
  • Friday 7 June planning meeting at 09.15 for the project managers
  • Thursday 13 June planning meeting at 13.15 for the project managers
  • Tuesday 18 June at 06.30-10.30 massage
  • Thursday 20 June the day before Midsummer's Eve working hours at 06.30-13.15 (6 h)
  • Thursday 20 June planning meeting at 09.15 for the project managers
  • Thursday 20 June salary payment
  • Thursday 27 June at 13.15 planning meeting for the project managers

5 S - the improvement factory on Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come)


We can offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions. With over 65 years of experience and broad industry knowledge, we can offer the best solutions according to your needs. We have a fully equipped workshop in Sundbyberg and we can provide fast service. Over 40 blacksmiths at your service!


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