Monthly newsletter October 2019 - everything in forging & glass

Teamwork makes the dream work

Every year we go on team trips to dedicate ourselves to team building. The purpose of the trips is for us to get to know each other better and build relationships. When we get to know each other, the we-feeling is strengthened and we work better together as a team. We become more efficient when we can cooperate. But above all, we have fun at work when we work with friends, which creates good conditions for good performance. This will lead to us reaching our goals.  

So therefore we will now devote ourselves to forging and teamwork in Prague and Palma. There will be some fun and intense days! New relationships must be created and old ones must be nurtured.

Back on budget

After a shaky start to the year, we came back on budget! There were many balls in the tube after this summer's big project. We have some new exciting business underway and until then it is important to occupy all hours with interesting forgedAnd glassJob!

Back on budget

Seller of the month

Congratulations Richard and Martin who got a big framework agreement on service forging! It will generate a lot of jobs in the future. 

This year's novelty - metal handicraft

For four Tuesdays in a row, we will open up our forging workshop for metal craft. With access to welds and machines, participants will have the opportunity to create or repair what they want themselves with the help of an experienced course leader. So hurry up Report you!

The improvement factory with a focus on relocation

At the 5 S meetings, we cleaned up before moving to our new forging workshop. We also made some improvements in our new forging workshop where we built a forging ramp and got a new door in place. The rebuilding of the public spaces continued in full swing and we placed where workplaces and machines will be located. We will continue our work with the move and the large moving load is planned around the turn of the year.

Our projects

In October, we built two Eezer Motorcycle ambulances to be used as display copies. We made glass sections that we covered with both copper and brass. We started with the assembly of copper-clad glass sections for Bromma church. Our new project manager Peter started with a beam job for NOD Kista with the support of our knowledgeable blacksmiths. In addition to this, we installed door sections around Stockholm and the surrounding area. We manufactured wrought iron railings, guides and steel stairs. We also fixed it the metal glass sections to Solberga Church in Gothenburg and completed the door sections to Karolinska Hospital. At Fridhemsplan, we installed specially adapted corner sheet metal cassettes.

It went like clockwork for all the blacksmiths who put welding samples and the inspector was impressed by all the skilled welders. In December, it's time for a new gang.

Welding test

In November, we will install an entrance section in Bredäng to Primula Byggnads. We will also manufacture and install a 36 meter long window sill in sheet metal for the new restaurant on Biskopsudden.

The brothers Edding's Forging 

At the same time as Lundgren's continued with the curtain façade on Biskopsudden, Järngänget made furniture for the new star restaurant.

Further continued Eddings with the forging jobs for Lidl. They also made metal glass sections in brass for Lunda Hotel. In addition, they mounted beams for the middle fan room and reinforcement beams for Kv Stettin. Furthermore, the gang mounted an external railing to Bolinder's terrace in Kallhäll and glass brackets in Nynäshamn. In addition to this, they had time to finish the alternating beams for a staircase and now they are starting the work of building a steel staircase. They finished the entrance sun floor in Tomteboda and began to build a loading dock to Kinnarp.

Photos of the month

Skillful welder


  • Monday 4 November the Christmas gift competition ends
  • Tuesday 5 November DEADLINE salary
  • Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 November team trip to Prague
  • Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 November team trip to Palma
  • Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 November welding course for Bekman students at 8.30-16.00
  • Thursday 21 November at 18.00 event “Welcome to my workshop” for the Crafts Association
  • Monday 25 November salary payment
  • Tuesday 26 November at 06.30-11.30 Massage in the lunch room floor 2


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