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Spiraltrappa Danderyd
Spiral staircase Danderyd

It is holiday time and so it is for us at LUNDGRENS. We will be open all summer and have a lot of projects underway. We hope that everyone can have indulgence and understanding of the pressured work situation this summer. We will do our best to find solutions and answer inquiries and questions.


We need to become more blacksmiths, fitters and project managers!

LUNDGRENS is constantly looking for skilled and committed employees to be able to grow in step with development. We are looking for employees who share our values and want to be involved and contribute to the development and make a difference for our customers.

In nine out of ten cases, the difference between a successful and a less successful recruitment is the candidate's attitude and attitude to the job. That is, how the candidate fits into the gang and how he or she takes on his or her duties. It never has to do with a resume. We strive to maintain our strong and positive corporate culture where you as an employee are involved in the company's development, can influence and have fun together. For the right person, the development opportunities are good. We are very proud of the competence and broad experience that exists today. We have never had such a good strength as now! And, we need more to be able to do even more business!


Great job!

We gathered one afternoon in June at the workshop with the challenge of making at least 20 improvements over three hours. The 5 S-groups got started and made a total of 34 improvements! It was fantastic to see everyone working towards the common goal - a better and safer workplace with higher well-being and better profitability. I saw commitment, creativity, cooperation, humor, sweat and pride. Storage spaces, stump racks, common tool boards, bench for the changing room, new cutlery and sorting of materials were some of the improvements. Now we will continue to work towards the goal and make even more improvements. It's just rubbing because we're well on our way. The only way to reach the goal is to take one step forward and then one more and one more. If we do that and stick to a certain direction, we will reach where we want. It's actually not harder than that!


Summer party

We celebrated the summer together at Djurgårdsbrunn's inn. It was a great evening with lots of laughter, boules, barbecue buffet, barbecue tips, games and awards! Thank you to everyone who came and contributed to a great summer party!


Our projects

In June mounted THE BLUE GROUP stairs in Kista, variety beams at the Royal Tennis Hall and paroc elements at Söderenergi. They mounted anchor rails on seven floors to an elevator shaft on Strandvägen. They will now rebuild the top of the lift and strengthen it with beams in the attic. Furthermore, the group worked with the shaft and the fan room at kv Hilton and mounted a glass section at kv Kabeln. In addition to this, they manufactured a railing for a villa and did various service work for Etab and Eltel. They also manufactured 250 adjustment rods that will be placed at various train stations in Stockholm to secure monitors with traffic information. The new emergency room at Danderyd Hospital was in full swing, where the gang, among other things, mounted grid and made some additional orders. The group introduced delivery within 24 hours at ÄTA-jobb !! After the holidays, Jästbolaget is on tour with a container garage, license plates and some service work.

THE GREEN GROUP continued with Housewife. The National Museum got the elevator shaft at the entrance on site. Brass moldings are made for the group to cover the shaft with and glazing with Hammerglas is underway. The group also started with another barrier kiosk to Södra Station. In addition to this, they were at S: Göran's hospital to exchange a total of 20 doors for Skanska. There are a couple of doors left that will be completed in July. Metrolit is in the process of a major renovation of the Strand hotel on Nybrokajen. In collaboration with Besam, we changed the entrance and a couple of interior parts that will be completed in July. Furthermore, the group began to install wall panels, elevator fronts and sections in Trygg Hansa's head office on Kungsholmen. In July, a couple of forging jobs for ML Demo on Grev Turegatan / Humlegårdsgatan will start.

THE RED GROUP manufactured glass walls for Jureskog. They started with the new meat shop for AG, where they will manufacture and assemble wine racks, service counters, refrigerators, etc., which will be ready by the end of October. The group also made two glass sections and a railing for the School of Architecture.  YELLOW GROUP was busy with various service work such as changing hinges at Norrtäljeanstalten. It was full swing at KTH and they made a spiral staircase in Danderyd and a canopy to Sturehof. In addition to this, they did blacksmithing work in the Concert Hall, a railing, a change to Fridhemsplan and a glass wall to Olle Rex.


Have a wonderful summer!

It is a wonderful time ahead of us. We get to enjoy beautiful summer days and some well-deserved holidays. Expectations are never as high as before the summer holidays. It is important to take advantage of the time. When it is dark and cold, it is this time that we will long to return to and remember. Therefore, you should think about what you need to do to enjoy your vacation. My advice is to put desire and will before musts and demands. Let the grass grow and let the time be! Allow yourself to relax and enjoy. You're worth it!

We at LUNDGRENS wish everyone a wonderful summer! We want to thank you for an absolutely fantastic first half year! Staff, customers and suppliers! Without you we are nothing!

      Current dates in July 2017

  • Tuesday 25 July salary payment
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 09.15 in the large conference room

Remember to register your times in NEXT before your holiday!