Monthly newsletter July


What a half-year result it was for us! During the first six months of the year, net sales rose to SEK 31.9 million. This was an increase of 20 percent compared with the same period in 2016. The operating profit landed at a record SEK 3.5 million! The first half is important and creates conditions for the second half. The second half is most important, it determines the whole result. There are good conditions for the trend to continue. Demand is high and we have a cruel workforce. During the second half, we will continue to focus on recruitment and capturing more business!  


Why say no when we can say yes?

We have an interesting situation to solve. The high pressure continues and we have a workshop with limited space. We do not want to say no to an order because we have a full workshop. That is why we look up and focus on new solutions that actually exist around us. Already today we buy a large part of the heavier forging and standard products. We will make an effort to develop the collaboration with existing suppliers and find more that we can hire. All in accordance with the business' requirements for quality and that we live up to our commitments to the customer. It is important that we manage deliveries on time and with promised quality. In the workshop, we will continue with special manufacturing such as clad parts, interior design etc.


Welcome to the gang!

Having a need for staff is positive. It is a receipt that customers demand our products and services. This summer we hired Rozbeh as a driver and Romodan and Ghinia as blacksmiths. In addition to this, we received the trainees Elvis, Ali and Festus from Crossroads Stockholm City Mission who help EU citizens into work.

In February, I was given the challenge of recruiting 1-2 project managers. No easy task considering that there are major recruitment difficulties for all professions in the entire construction industry right now. It was important to find employees with the right skills and the right ability and attitude for the work to be performed. I got started and started looking in different channels, conducting a large number of interviews, reference shootings, etc. In the end, we found four project managers who will start in August. It is David who is a great seller and buyer, Syed with experience in architecture and interior design and who is great at CAD drawings and constructions. Sébastien who is an experienced project manager in the construction industry and Riyam with great interest in project management and environmental issues. Richard will apple (TM Richard Lundgren) and contribute with their expertise and above all technical knowledge in forging. Affe will also be part of the team. Together, they will develop cooperation with existing suppliers and find new ones.



A good day for me is usually when I had fun. It can be when I get to perform and do something new at work or when I hang out with friends and family. We spend about 50 percent of our waking time at work. In other words, it is important to feel good and have fun at work. We are convinced that both LUNDGREN's profitability and your health and well-being will increase if you have fun at work. We want LUNDGRENS to be a workplace where we laugh together, share our ideas and knowledge, dare to make mistakes, are generous with praise and compliments, have coffee together and celebrate success. All in a positive atmosphere where there is a sense of community and joy that makes the job more fun and that we collaborate better and become more efficient! If we have a positive attitude, look up and see new opportunities, luck will come with us. Luck comes with those who expect something good and who have positive expectations that surpass adversity.


The move

It recently became clear that we will be able to remain in our existing premises until April 2019.



In July, unfortunately, an occupational injury occurred when a beam was to be lifted. Wrong lifting technique was used and the back was beaten. Lifting and carrying heavy loads is one of the daily chores in our work. Many work injuries are due to incorrect loading of the body. Improper lifting technology, one-sided work, poor equipment and incorrectly designed workplaces are just a few factors that can cause problems. To spare the body, it is important that you have knowledge of how to lift in the best way. The most common mistake is to lift with our backs instead of our legs. It is important that we learn a good lifting technique and use it. Education will come this fall.


Our projects

Blue team continued with the Hilton district, the attic renovation and Söderenergi. They worked in the LA Group's project for IBM in Kista with pergola smithy, stairs, glass railings and doors. According to the plan, the project will be completed in September. They were busy with the new emergency care building at Danderyd. They manufactured and assembled, among other things, two door enclosures, 150 steel frames and elevator beams. The team thought it was an educational first half and they feel satisfied. They will take the lessons into the second half. They are tagged and convinced that they will make an even better second half together. The green team completed the barrier kiosk in Jakobsberg and managed a good distance with the barrier kiosks at Södra station. The elevator shaft at the National Museum was completed where they will assemble two sections. Furthermore, the team installed a door at the National Arena and Husfrun was in full swing with e.g. manufacture of copper clad parts.  The red team manufactured furnishings and lots for the meat shop AG. Gula team fought into the last at KTH. Little grid remains. In addition to this, they manufactured glass sections, doors, railings and canopies.


Have a nice summer!!

          Current dates in August 2017

  • Thursday 17 August massage at 06.30-10.00 in the lunch room floor 1
  • Friday 25 August salary payment
  • Monday 28 August at 18.00 planned course start MMA step 2. Course leader Yosef Hakimi
  • Tuesday 29 August at 18.00 course start MMA step 1 (full). Course leader Fathi Quasem
  • Thursday 31 August at 18.00 planned course start MMA step 1. Course leader Nathem Karim
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 09.15 in the large conference room

         Next big meeting with 5 S-focus 1/9 at 13.15