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Welcome back! Hope you had a really nice and wonderful summer! We look forward to an autumn that offers very exciting and many challenges - new colleagues and suppliers, appealing, fun projects, team building, Kenyaresa etc.


Motorcycle ambulances for reduced maternal mortality

Did you know that a woman dies every minute due to complications associated with her pregnancy or childbirth? 99 percent of all the hundreds of thousands of women who die live in low-income countries, of which three quarters in Africa. In Tanzania, 23 women die every day from complications associated with childbirth. Almost one an hour! Transport between home and maternity clinic is often a bottleneck that the development project Eezer is trying to solve with the help of motorcycle-based ambulances. When these motorcycle ambulances appeared on Facebook, we immediately became interested in knowing more. We wanted to find something to get involved in where LUNDGRENS can make a difference.


In September, LUNDGRENS will accompany Eezer to Kenya to test the crew in the right environment and build relationships with two organizations that will use these ambulances in the future. They will also test a tracking system in the field. For LUNDGREN's part, it will primarily be an orientation trip where we get to see on site what Eezer is trying to do and what conditions there are for working down there. In the long term, we hope to be able to contribute with concrete efforts within what we are good at. With our five doers who will accompany us on the journey, the ideas have already begun to flow. It will be very exciting to follow the journey on Facebook @eezerinitiative and AL Lundgren, among others. You can read more about the concept of


Welding courses

Two years ago, we started running welding courses in collaboration with Medborgarskolan with our skilled blacksmiths as course leaders. This week, three new welding courses in MMA and a pilot course in TIG started. It's fun that the interest in welding is so great. Everything from the 80-year-old who dreamed of learning to weld to those who need a welding certificate at work. 99 % of all participants have so far passed the welder test. A receipt for good course leaders!


A historic step in LUNDGREN's development

In August, we took the step from a small company to a medium-sized company. We are now over 50 employees! In addition, we employ temporary staff and trainees. What a fantastic bunch we have that is at the customers' disposal!



There are many new ones at LUNDGRENS. How do we create and nurture close teamwork and a family team spirit as we grow? How do we build one Culture where we thrive and have fun together? Team spirit is not something that arises by itself. It is required that we work towards common goals and get to know each other, thrive and have fun together. We often know too little about each other and what we can and we do not understand each other's roles. But, the more we know about each other the better we will work together. This is when we can benefit from each other's knowledge and personalities and the team becomes a means to achieve set goals. Therefore, it is important that the team trips are off for us to develop and nurture our teams. And, to build a positive Culture.


5 S

We need 5 S more than ever. We are cramped. For that reason, we need to create more production space and better order in the workshop for the jobs to flow in a safe and pleasant working environment. So throw everything away unnecessarily and make sure that every thing has its place. Once you have done that, you are ready to create the rules and routines that must be followed. Everyone at LUNDGRENS must belong to a group - new and old. Now we start with the 5 S work, again!


Our projects

In August, we manufactured exclusive specially designed railings for NCC for Urskogen's preschool. It was full speed ahead at IBM with stairs, pergola and glass sections. Blue team reassembled Paroc walls and manufactured sheet metal cladding for Söderenergi in Södertälje. They repaired two signs in front of the Enforcement Officer's entrance in Sundbyberg. Furthermore, the team repaired the railings in Hammarby Sjöstad and installed a traverse track for Rexab in Ringen's shopping center. They installed a floor for a terrace at Kv Eken in Sundbyberg. The second half started a bit bumpy at Danderyd with many obstacles and stops. The team therefore had to help in other projects. However, there were some additional orders so now some are running again at Danderyd. In September, the team will assemble an entrance lot to TL Bygg.

The green team continued with the production of copper-clad batches for Husfrun. They were completed at Strand Hotel and St. Göran's Hospital. It went well despite the fact that it is a bit of a chore with door replacements in public environments. Furthermore, the team worked on forging jobs on Grev Turegatan and various smaller forging jobs. Gert received an order for 45 doors to be replaced at Svenska bostäder in Gubbängen. The red team was working on refrigerators for the star chefs' meat shop, which will open on S: t Eriksgatan this autumn. They worked with a glass section for Jonas Bohlin Arkitektkontor. Then they should start with straight glass and a door section in copper. Gula team did the last thing before the final inspection in the Teaching House at KTH. They also did forging jobs at the Concert Hall and door assembly.

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Current dates in September 2017

  • Friday 1 September at 13.30 Grand Meeting
  • Thursday 14 September massage at 06.30-10.00 in the lunch room floor 1
  • Friday 15 September to 24 September Kenya trip
  • Monday 25 September salary payment
  • Thursday 28 September Closers only, Arndt's buisnesss blub, at Oscarsteatern at 09.00-17.00
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room