Monthly newsletter February 2018


Every minute a woman around the world dies due to complications associated with pregnancy or childbirth. The worst affected are the central parts of Africa. Many deaths are due to a lack of transport between home and the maternity clinic. Safe transport that can reach the African countryside is needed. The Eezer Initiative tries to solve this with the help of cost-effective motorcycle ambulances in the most vulnerable areas. At the same time, it creates jobs. It feels fantastic that we at LUNDGRENS are involved in this work!

What do we do? Well, Micke S recently took up the challenge of getting the pull to the motorcycle crew that will pass a Swedish inspection. We also started building three ambulance crews in flat packages. When completed, they will be finalized in Burundi in early May. In Burundi, Eezer needs the help of two fearless welding experts who will assemble these on site with the help of local staff. The crew must then be handed over to a clinic.

In mid-May, a follow-up trip to Kenya is also planned, with two from LUNDGRENS to accompany. During this trip we will follow up the crew that was produced during the pilot phase. The design, the IT system and the operational part of the business will also be evaluated.



We work in a risky work environment with dangerous machines, noise, heavy lifting, welding fumes, etc. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes occur. We have developed a checklist for risk assessment to prevent accidents. Before you start a job, think about the following points:

  • How do I do the job?
  • Do I have the necessary permits and permissions to perform the work?
  • What can go wrong?
  • What steps must I take to prevent an accident?
  • Do I have the right protective equipment?
  • What should I do if something unforeseen happens?

It is a few minutes that are well invested and remember that your safety always comes first. We will continue to talk about work environment, risks and safety in various forums and work with improvements for a safe and secure workplace.



In February, it was time for the annual development visit for continued development and to maintain quality in accordance with EN 1090. No deviations were reported. It was fun that we got a lot of praise for the nice order in the workshop. We can thank all 5 S: ers for that! We would also like to thank Fuad for the outstanding work he does with the marking and handling of incoming goods. We will change the structure slightly and appoint a group to work with CE-marked jobs. This is to further increase competence and quality. Are you interested? If so, talk to Jimmy or Richard.



Eddings Smide needs help to speed up sales. Adam will therefore step over there. Eddings has a huge development potential and good team players so it will be really exciting to follow their journey together!



Jimmy had the honor of ringing the new order bell for large orders. It was a ping when he got home a job at TL Bygg where we will build a new floor in a light courtyard. Axel will be responsible for the project and for the production that will take place with us. They will use the entire forging department for about two weeks. Furthermore, Jimmy and Sébastien got a job on 2 glass sections for Skeppströms Byggnads. Two pings in the small order clock! Congratulations!



The mezzanine plane wanted tougher resistance in 5 S. The small workshop accepted the challenge and took home its first victory. Great, what a nice order they created in the area! Now the question is: which group will take home the next 5 S victory?



It was a pure pleasure to accompany photographer Johan Bååth out on the town to photograph some of our jobs. There are so many amazing and cool jobs that we have done over the years! To name a few we had time for - meat chillers and furnishings in AG's Meat Shop, wine rack for Magnusson Fine Wine, interior forging at Brillo & Luzette, cafe furnishings at Fabrique, window frames and lattice flooring in the teaching building at KTH, doors with brass moldings in the Concert Hall, sheet metal walls in Sturegallerian, bar kiosks etc.


What are we doing right now? In February, the work continued in the new emergency room where seven people currently work. A new PM came which means even more work. A large steel staircase, MT steel and additional work await. Furthermore, they helped Mälarvikens Tak och Bygg AB with various forging work for their housing construction in Spånga. Blue team also manufactured and assembled leather-wrapped wrought iron railings for Heving & Hägglund. They made alternating beams for Brahelund and mounted a staircase in an office on Kungsgatan. At Jästbolaget, the team performed minor forging work in their production facilities. They also made a stand for a chimney on Södermalm. Kv Hilton is nearing the end where they installed thresholds / small ramps to the exits.

The green team continued with the parties on Drottninggatan and to Husfrun. They started with the barrier kiosks to Slussen with the manufacture of two kiosk fronts. The team made balcony railings, some small forging jobs for NHL Snickerier and Lassfolk as well as glass frames for CL Specialglas. In March, the installation of the glass sections for the project Blicken i Handen will begin.

The red team continued with the manufacture of the security doors. Furthermore, they made glass racks for the restaurant Paganini for Janax Snickerier. They also made small details for the Meat Shop, including a locking device for the refrigerator doors. Furthermore, they made aluminum doors for Östermalm's IP and brass moldings for stained glass. Gula team started with the canopy and a staircase to the preschool in Bandhagen. They continued with the railings and guides in Nacka and the pergola in Älvsjö. Finally, Rizwan did an invaluable job with all the drawings and calculations in various projects.



In the workshop, we built a rubber room where all rubber strips and sealing rubber are collected and sorted. The gas storage was fixed with gates and locks. The truck was fixed to increase durability given that we drive heavy goods.

Current dates in March 2018

  • Monday 5 March Deadline salary
  • Thursday 8 March massage at 06.30-10.30 the lunch room floor 1
  • Friday 9 March at 13.30 Grand Meeting
  • Tuesday 13 March at 18.00 course start welding course MMA step 1 course leader Nathem Karim
  • Friday 16 March at 13.15 workshop EN 1090 Meeting table floor 1 Open workshop for those who want to learn more about CE-marked projects and which routines and legal requirements apply
  • Friday 23 March salary payment
  • Maundy Thursday 29 March working hours 06.30-13.15 (6 h)
  • Good Friday 30 March AVAILABLE
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room