Monthly newsletter July 2018

What a summer we have! Warm, nice and lots of sun. And best of all, summer never seems to end. Many enjoy holidays while others suddenly got used to working in 30 degree heat.


We achieved a very strong half-year result thanks to high demand and our awesome staff. The Group's total sales landed at SEK 42.6 million with an operating profit of 10 %. An incredibly good development! The increased turnover creates good conditions for the second half, which will involve some challenges. There have been changes in the workforce and we need to add more talent who share our vision. At the same time, we need to take care of the resources we have, review the organization at large and find work situations where everyone thrives best. The second half is most important and determines the whole result. We will build on the success we experience and with a fighting spirit for us to reach our goals!


Recently we were speculators at a forging company in Stockholm. The sellers chose to move on with another buyer. So we continue our search. If you know someone who is looking for a collaboration, wants to sell a plot or forging workshop in Stockholm, get in touch. We would prefer to buy a workshop or plot in the north, but are also open to other opportunities or locations.


We started running welding courses in collaboration with Medborgarskolan in the autumn of 2015. Over 200 participants have learned stick welding with our blacksmiths as course leaders. Everything from the 80-year-old who realized his dream of learning to weld to the blacksmith who needed to complete his CV with a welding certificate. Virtually all participants received their welding certificates, which is a receipt for skilled course leaders. Do you want to become a course leader? In that case, let Johanna know. You receive compensation and education via the Citizens' School. Three courses starting in August are out


Two of the motorcycle trailers we made for Eezer this spring were recently sent to Burkina Faso. Hope they will save many lives in the African countryside!


Congratulations Rizwan who with the help of some experienced colleagues received an order of SEK 1.8 million! It was the manufacture and assembly of wrought iron (changes, stairs, railings and canopies) for TL Bygg. Production will start shortly and at the end of August we will continue the work on site. Jimmy and Micke received an order for a glass of cafeteria on Ringvägen, which is a deal worth SEK 1.5 million that will be ready by Christmas. Our new star Tomas showed what he was up to already after a few days of work when he sold a staircase to be installed in August. Congratulations to you too! All orders are incredibly valuable for us to achieve our goals and allt starts with the sale.


IN July continued blue team with forging work in kv The Emperor of the South ate TL Bygg. They made the railings for a light yard, door thresholds, a railing for a newly manufactured floor in a substation and a bicycle rack for a courtyard. The team also made a cable protection and a ramp for a disabled toilet for Skeppströms Byggnads and stainless steel details for Jästbolaget. Furthermore, they made thresholds and gate extensions in Årsta Partihallar with Thule fastighetsutveckling as the client. They rebuilt four doors that were equipped with lockers and electrical ducting to Kv Hilton in Frösunda for Peab. The team also started manufacturing diversion beams for attic apartments in Essingen. The assembly should be ready in August.

The green team continued his work at Slussen and with the copper-clad parties to Husfrun. The work at Strabag in Haninge also continued, where most of the canopy and glass railing were completed. The work with the glass walls and the glass section will largely be completed in August. The team also manufactured and assembled forging into a glass roof for Metrolit. They continued with the glass railing and the glass wall in Lidingö City Hall, which will soon be finished.

The red team did the last thing with the security doors. The wrought iron interior of the Fabrique Stone Oven Bakery was shipped over to New York. The team manufactured and mounted a 4.5 meter long railing and mounted an existing railing of 20 meters. They started manufacturing ten aluminum tubs for Klätterteknik Stockholm AB and a stainless steel railing for Tyresö swimming hall. In August, a railing with a gate to Järfälla swimming hall awaits. It was fun to see Mauricio get into the project manager role so quickly. His wonderful attitude and competence in forging is extremely valuable! 

Gula team fought with Bjursätra Preschool. They finished assembling the steel frames and now only the assembly of the cassettes remains. The team installed forging for Vinsta Elementary School. They also installed forging for Lernia in Liljeholmen and manufactured a railing and ramps for the Manager. In addition to this, the team manufactured and assembled railings and gates in wrought iron. The service team did, among other things, a minor service job at Attunda District Court. In August waiting for installation of gates, forging job for On Track in Älvsjö, a pram ramp, installation of doors for Vinsta Elementary School and Karolinska Hospital etc.


Be sure to enjoy the summer and the nice weather. Slowly everyone is back at work again and soon the hot and sunny days are blown away! You who work make sure to take a break often and drink plenty of water during the hot days.

- END -

Current dates in August 2018

    • Friday, August 3 Deadline salary
    • Friday 24 August salary payment
    • Monday 27 August at 18.00 course start welding course MMA step 1 course leader Yosef Hakimi
    • Tuesday 28 August at 18.00 course start welding course MMA step 1 course leader Samer Azzam
  • Thursday 30 August at 18.00 course start welding course MMA step 1 course leader Nathem Karim
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come)
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room

Next big meeting in September!

Then this summer's 5 S winners will be chosen.