Lundgren AB's monthly letter September 2018 - everything in forging & glass

Now we are going to build motorcycle ambulances in Burundi!

Eezer is a project that is close to our hearts. In May, Lundgren visited Smide Olgulului Health Center on the border with Tanzania together with the Eezer Initiative. It was a very moving moment. Many in the village had put on their finest clothes and jewelry and walked miles to meet us. They were expectant, singing, dancing, giving speeches and blessing us. Their maternity clinic was a new and modern clinic (by African standards) where about 9 children per month were born. Nearly 2,000 children are born in the area every year. There was no means of transport to get to the clinic. Many therefore chose to give birth at home because it was too far to walk and there were many dangerous animals along the way. Some mothers bled… When we were there, I felt strongly that an Eezer ambulance could make a difference. And, this summer they got an Eezer !!! In September, Eezer visited Olgulului on his follow-up trip. The motorcycle ambulance had then been used for 26 patients in two months, many of whom were on their way to the clinic to give birth. It warmed my heart when I saw pictures from the visit where I could see the joy in their eyes. This is for real - Eezer's motorcycle ambulances make a difference and save lives in the African countryside. Think that we at Lundgren's are part of this! There is an enormous strength if we can become even more people who become involved in Eezer.

Elvis and Richard should have a lot of credit going to Burundi in October to assemble ambulances on site. What brave heroes! They will take with them the wagon parts that our blacksmiths made this spring.

Lundgren Forging in Olgulului with Eezer -
Motorcycle ambulances against reduced maternal mortality

The roads to the goal - all in forging and glass

In September, it was finally time for the project managers' strategy day with a focus on the future. In a fantastic archipelago environment on Söderarm we laid out strategies for how to approach the goal. There were many creative discussions where we brainstormed different ideas about how we should work with sales, purchasing, production, KMA and HR. We formed sales teams. At the next general meeting, the groups will tell what is going on.

Söderarm on the island of Torskär

Economy news

In September, we had to struggle with invoicing. Jurgita did a fantastic job of collecting unpaid invoices. July and August were tough months where, among other things, the summer heat hit sales and earnings. BUT, the year is not over yet and we have the three most important months ahead of us. We will fight to increase sales within forge, glass and metal sections, furnishings and servicesmide.

Seller of the month

Even though sales fell during the summer months, it was an order party at our last general meeting. The order bell rang for glass walls, forging jobs, diversions, interior forging, wine rack mm

Congratulations Yosef and Torgny who became the seller of the month in September! Yosef received an order for just over SEK 1 million when he sold more metal glass batches NKV with IN3PRENÖR as customer. The project starts in November and should be ready by the end of January. Torgny received an exciting project with an order value of SEK 1.8 million. He sold steel stairs, wrought iron railings and supplementary wrought iron to FSG Entreprenad AB. The project starts in October and will last for about 6 months. 

Order party at the forging workshop

Welcome to Lundgrens

In October, we will receive two interns. Ibrahim will be inside the workshop and Kibrom will be with the service team. We also welcome our new project manager Jyrki. Jussi starts as workshop manager and will be responsible for the workshop and customer reception.

Team trip

Soon the yellow team goes to Athens to team build. In November, it's time for Eddings to make his first team trip. The iron gang will go to Malta.

Our projects

As the heat subsided, there was more to do. In September became blue team almost finished with all production for Jägarbacken and they mounted some steel pillars and beams in place. In October, they will continue with the rest of the steel structure. The team also worked with tower wreath the cross for PEAB to be used to build an additional floor at Friends Hotel. Furthermore, the team continued with alternating beams to the attic at Essingen. They made a wrought iron railing and a threshold for the emperor.

The green team assembled copper-clad metal sections on Husfrun and manufactured sheets for Slussen. They started with the installation of the barrier kiosk at Vega station. In addition to this, they did some minor forging jobs. In October, the outdoor cafes at Café Opera and East will be closed.

The red team manufactured the wrought iron frame for the glass café. It will be 3.5 m high and look like a diamond when it is installed and ready in the business center on Ringvägen 100 at the turn of the year. The team manufactured and assembled one steel stairs to a terrace and two gate enclosures. They also made a bakery interior Fabrique Stenugnsbageri on Klarabergsgatan. Furthermore, they delivered frames for sofas and tables as well as one glass part to an office space on Jakobsbergsgatan. The team also started with the production of five metal glass sections for Tegeludden, of which three fire-rated glass sections and two metal sections that are to be clad with stainless steel. In addition to this, they made reinforcing beams of steel for Järfälla bathhouse, drip protection in aluminum for flower boxes and a wrought iron railing. In October, they will make one bakery furnishings to Fabrique Stenugnsbageri which will continue to London. A wrought iron railing for a villa, an staircase and sheet metal cladding of walls in the goods intake to Casino Cosmopol is also underway. They will also install a stair railing indoors with wooden handrails as well as a glass wall indoors and a smaller spiral staircase.

Gula team welded steel beams to an elevator shaft at the Mall of Scandinavia for Peab where Ali and Matija received good feedback from the customer. They always used protective equipment, were nice, easy to work with, good and found solutions! Furthermore, the team installed the glass in the last one the sound wall to On Track in Älvsjö. They also made a glass railing, mounted fire-rated glass sections and raised the ground level to an electrical room with steel beams and floorboards. They also made crash protection, gates, railings and alternating beams. Soon, the last plates for Bjursätra preschool will finally be in place. The service team performed various service assignments and assisted DLP with the assembly of their new waste management. In October, there will be steel doors to Arlanda and metal glass sections to Nya Karolinska.

On The Eddings brothers it was full speed ahead. Between 6-8 people continued to work with MT steel and additional forging in the new emergency care building at Danderyd Hospital. They helped TL-Bygg with 28 metal glass sections for H&M IT. The elevator fronts to Trygg Hansa Huset were almost completed. In October, Eddings will install approximately 16 tonnes of floor forging. Together with Erlandsson Bygg AB, they will be part of a project on Almarevägen where they will deliver and assemble about 100 Peikko plates.

Current dates in October 2018

  • Thursday 4 October Cinnamon Bull Day. Shared coffee at 14.00 in the lunch room downstairs
  • Friday, October 5 Deadline salary
  • Monday 15 October welding test
  • Wednesday 17 October to Saturday 20 October The yellow team's team trip to Athens
  • Monday 22 October at 18.00 course start welding course MMA step 1 course leader Samer Azzam
  • Thursday 25 October salary payment 
  • Thursday 25 October massage at 06.30-10.30 lunchroom floor 1
  • Friday 26 October at 13.30 Grand Meeting
  • Sunday 28 October departure to Burundi with The Eezer Iniative -              MC ambulances for reduced maternal mortality
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come) 
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room



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