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Shaky start!

Back to zero with a new budget and new goals. The challenge of getting sales starts again every year. Without sales, it does not matter that we deliver world-class forging. As we wrote in last month's letter, we have a big challenge ahead of us.

As in previous years, January was a tough month for us. Jobs were declining and it was difficult to find meaningful employment for everyone. The situation feels shaky and it is a difficult feeling when the budget slips behind. We fight, struggle and try to find new ways to get to the top as a strong team.

To kick-start the year, we ran a sales competition. The winner was Yosef, who sold jobs for the highest total value in January. Congratulations! A record number of inquiries were answered and there are several strong bubblers among us who are well on their way to becoming real star sellers.

Upcoming news - interior design & design on the web

Soon we will launch an online shop on our website where you can find a wonderful mix of interior design and design in sustainable forging. All products are self-made in a varied style. The range consists of a diverse range of products that have been requested by our customers or that our employees have developed. You will find everything from wine racks to Lundgren's buck. If you want to see the goods, feel and squeeze before ordering, you are welcome to visit our showroom which is in our forging workshop and Sumpan. We can do most things within interior forging so if you do not find what you are looking for then just ask Contact Us for a price proposal.

Showroom Löfströmsvägen 1 in Sundbyberg

Eezer - Motorcycle ambulances for reduced maternal mortality

Now the ambulances roll in Chad which we made before Christmas. The trolleys will mainly be used for maternity care, but also to transport people who have difficulty getting to and from hospital clinics. During the year, we will continue to engage in Eezer and in the work to reduce maternal mortality in Africa. How? Well, by continuing to contribute with concrete efforts within what we are good at. We will build more ambulances in our forging workshop. We will hopefully help to teach locals how to weld carriages together. A follow-up trip to Kenya is planned this autumn.

Follow-up trip May 2018

Welding courses

In February, three welding courses will take place MMA (pin welding) step 1 to start. We expanded the range of courses with a beginners' course during the day where the participants will learn the basics of welding and try out the different techniques. MMA, MIG / MAG and TIG. At the end of the course, they will be able to immerse themselves in any welding method and manufacture a simpler product. You will find more information and registration here. The courses are held in collaboration with Citizens' School with our skilled welders Samer and Yosef as course leaders.

We also offer tailor-made courses for both private individuals and companies in the welding area. You can also take welding samples with us. Contact Us then we tell more. It is said that once you have tried welding, you do not want to stop.

This is how we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Transport and driving are major environmental culprits in our everyday work. With a simple effort, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions for our work cars up to 90 % !! Namely by refueling fossil-free diesel and we will do so in the future.   

We will continue to work with environmental issues to live up to concrete and recognized environmental requirements. The goal is for us to certify ourselves according to ISO 14001.

Quality management - 1090

In January, a group took a course in visual inspection of welds to refresh their knowledge. The group received good feedback from the course leader who thought they had very good prior knowledge. Revision EN 1090 is planned for March.

Course visual inspection of welding

The workshop manager has the floor

Jussi took over responsibility for workwear and protective equipment from the turn of the year.

Our projects

In January, we made a wine rack for cramped spaces, buffet carts and Lundgren's buck. We made wrought iron railings and pram ramps for the metro stations at S: t Eriksplan and Rådmansgatan. Furthermore, we made a spiral staircase in Kallhäll and started with wrought iron railings for the track area at Arlanda. Final finishing of the barrier kiosk at Vega station was in progress. The 22 meter long stair railing to St. John's Church came into place. We fixed seven wine racks Grape to the wine cellar Grappe. We also manufactured and assembled one stair railing in black lacquered steel for a villa. The steel frame for NCC was completed. Furthermore, we manufactured and assembled a variety beam in steel, a grille, a table stand and door sections. We mounted a stainless steel railing and stairs in Käppalaverket and manufactured folding metal doors to Solberga Church in Gothenburg.

In February, we will start with plates for Casino Cosmopol as well as windbreakers and door sections in copper. We will also manufacture a double door in brass. Work will begin shortly the corten plates to the new restaurant on Biskopsudden.

The brothers Edding's Forging

The new year started well at Eddings which has many exciting projects underway. They are looking for a blacksmith for the manufacture of forged products and who can dress metal parts. Tip, share, search! The application and CV are sent to  

In January, inspections of the work in the new emergency room at Danderyd Hospital began. Much of the medical equipment is now mounted on our forge. The gang received much praise for their accuracy from both Siemens, Philips and the customer! Furthermore, Eddings began to manufacture an armrest for an outdoor gym at Lötsjön in Sundbyberg. The stair assembly at kv Stettin on Gärdet was in full swing and in February the facade forging will take over. They installed the last wrought iron railing in Gröndal and they continued with the assembly of the railing in Kallhäll and Viksjö center. Furthermore, Edding's supplied the lead cabinets to NKS. Otherwise, the new brackets were welded to a tractor plow and a bucket. They made a room divider and glass rack for AG. In a few weeks, the facade forge to Bredängencentrum will get a fresh start.

- END -

Current date February 2019

  • Tuesday, February 5 Deadline salary
  • Friday 8 February general meeting
  • Monday 11 February at 18.00 course start welding course MMA step 1 course leader Samer
  • Tuesday 12 February at 18.00 course start welding course MMA step 1 course leader Samer
  • Thursday 14 February at 18.00 course start welding course MMA step 1 course leader Yosef
  • Monday 25 February salary payment
  • 5 S - the improvement factory on Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come)
  • Planning meeting every Thursday at 09.15 in the large conference room


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