Steel frame with corten plate for a ventilation unit

Description: manufacture and assembly of steel frame clad in corten sheet metal for a ventilation unit in Kista. The steel frame is 12 mx 5 m. Height: 2.4 m. The frame is made of Lundgren's forging workshop before it was mounted in place. The lower part of the frame is fixed in concrete. Cover plates 54 cm wide in corten steel. The steel frame has a door with an entrance to the ventilation unit.

Client: LA Group

Project time: Feb-March 2019

Corten steel is beautiful and requires minimal maintenance. It gives a natural and rustic feeling. It is a slow-rusting and weather-resistant steel that was developed in the United States in the early 20th century. Initially, it was mainly used for stoves and chimneys. Today is the court very popular. It is used in a variety of areas that require a maintenance-free and rusty surface that is sufficiently resistant that the steel does not rust. Everything from house facades to edge steel, artwork, amination nets, containers and pots.

As you can see in the pictures, the steel is initially gray. Over time, it undergoes a unique color shift to a warm reddish brown color. The surface layer rusts (oxidizes) depending on climate changes and how long the steel is exposed to weather and wind. After a while, an even and dense rust coating (oxide layer) forms on the steel surface which slows moisture from further penetrating and thus causing further impact. The steel also stops precipitating rust. Corten steel rusts more slowly than ordinary steel.  

How long does the cort last? We can not give a correct answer to that question, but it depends entirely on weather, wind and other conditions. There is information that it lasts for 100 years under the right conditions in the thickness of 3 mm and up. One thing we know for sure - it has a long life and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful and maintenance-free products for many years to come! A good environmental choice!


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