A good week for Lundgren

A good week for Lundgren's is when the forging workshop is in full swing and the jobs are flowing as they should with working teamwork. Inquiries fall in, everyone is healthy, invoices are sent, we are faced with tickling challenges, problems are solved and resounding laughter is heard. Thanks to our fantastic strength, such a week is almost over! Together we make an impression within forge and glass. The genuine craftsmanship we create will last a long time, probably longer than ourselves. With that said, we all wish you a pleasant weekend!


We can offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions. With over 65 years of experience and broad industry knowledge, we can offer the best solutions according to your needs. We have a fully equipped workshop in Sundbyberg and know fast service. Over 40 blacksmiths at your service!


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Feel free to contact us if you want a free proposal. You can send your request to anbud@smide.com or fill in the following form https://www.lundgrenab.se/kontakt/. If you want to talk to one of our project managers, you can call us on 08-684 118 00.