Monthly newsletter July 2019 - everything in forging & glass

The forging workshop is in full swing! We manufacture wrought iron railings, door sections, napkin rings, wine racks, wrought iron gates. In addition, we install beams and sheet metal walls out on the construction site. We fight for everything to roll on according to set time frames. Everyone does a great job!

Exciting times

We have a busy month ahead of us with forging jobs under tight schedules. That we cooperate in a good way towards the goal is required for us to be able to perform at the top. The curtain facade for the new star restaurant on Biskoppsudden will also be completed. Right now, Eddings is working on a major forging job at Lidl under the management of Valle, and soon they will start manufacturing restaurant furnishings.


We are charging for the follow-up trips to Kenya with Eezer as two representatives from Lundgren's will follow Eezer's work and its development on site. They will visit clinics and organizations that Eezer cooperates to reduce maternal mortality in African rural areas. In addition, they will follow up already delivered motorcycle ambulances that transport pregnant women to clinics when they are about to give birth. It will be exciting to follow their inner and outer journey with high-flying, emotionally touching encounters, adorable Eezer babies and the occasional giraffe!

Meeting with three Eezer babies May 2018

In addition, we are preparing for the move to our new workshop. Some rebuilding of the premises will take place before we move over parts of the business.

Everyone can weld!

Even if you have never held a weld before, you can easily learn to weld. Come on our welding evenings and you will see! Sure, it takes a little practice. But, if you take a welding course with our skilled blacksmiths as a course leader, you will be so sure that after eight meetings you pass a welder test and get your first welding certificate. For those of you who can already weld and want to build, for example, a candlestick or a table, we will open up our forging workshop for metal handicraft. For more information and registration see here or contact tell us more. Once you have started welding, you do not want to stop!

A tip for a fun competition!

Every month, everyone can contribute to the picture of the month. The winner is published in our monthly newsletter. Other photos are published in our social media and on the website. We receive pictures ranging from our projects in forging and glass to pictures of our wonderful gang. Feel free to follow us Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin then you get to take part in life at Lundgrens. The winning entry for July was presented by Fathi with the image "Visual inspection of weld". Congratulations!


Whether you work or have a holiday, take the opportunity to suck out the last of the summer! Sun, cooling baths from sun-warmed rocks, soft ice cream in abundance and balmy evenings with barbecues with loved ones are wonderful! In addition, it will give you extra energy!

Have a nice summer!

Some pictures from our forging jobs (and contributions to the picture of the month):

Elvis and Fasil assemble sheet metal Barkaby trading place

Current dates in August 2019

  • Monday 5 August Deadline Salary
  • Follow-up trip 1 to Kenya with Eezer 16 to 24 August
  • Friday 23 August salary payment
  • Follow-up trip 2 to Kenya with Eezer 24 August to 2 September
  • Monday 26 August at 18 course start welding course MMA Step 2 Course leader Yosef
  • Wednesday 28 August at 18 course start welding course MMA step 1 Course leader Samer
  • Thursday 29 August at 1 pm course start welding for beginner course leaders Macro and Wille
  • Thursday 29 August at 18 course start welding course MMA step 1 Course leader Jimmy
  • Planning meeting every Thursday at 13.15 in the conference room

In September, a welding evening and metalwork are planned. Keep an eye on our website!


We can offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions. With over 65 years of experience and broad industry knowledge, we can offer the best solutions according to your needs. We have a fully equipped workshop in Sundbyberg and we can provide fast service. Over 40 blacksmiths at your service!


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