Monthly letter August 2019 - everything in forging & glass

Welcome back!

Hope your summer has been good and that you feel charged for the challenges of autumn. It feels good to have all the strength back. 

Fridhemsplan has opened as planned

Many thanks to everyone who stood up and helped us to implement the Fridhemsplan project. Getting through such a large project in a short time in the middle of summer is both challenging and fun. It was an outstanding team that fought and showed that they could solve the challenges that arose in a good way. It made us feel confident that we would be able to do the job. The gang mounted steel frames and sheet metal cassettes on the track side. They turned the steel frame into a lamp fixture as well as the glass railings and guides. We finished the first part on time and the station can open as planned. Now we will complete the last part of the project.

Bright, fresh and high ceilings

We have been sitting in our forging workshop by Bällstaån since the 70s. In recent years, there has been a transformation of the industrial area into housing, parks and walkways and it is not so strange that we have to move away from our dear forging workshop. But, a new forging workshop in Bromma is waiting for us. It is light, fresh and has a high ceiling height. When the rebuilding of the public spaces is complete, we will start moving in and in February the move will be completed.

Eezer - Kenyaresor

It is a very special feeling that arises when we get to be involved and make a difference. It is a warm feeling in the heart that occurs when Eezer's ambulance ambulances transform a person's day from horrible to fantastic. Seeing the results of Eezer's work on site in Africa is an indescribable feeling. This is exactly what both Javier and Richard experienced when they went on a follow-up trip with Eezer in August.

For two years we have been involved in Eezer. Among other things, we have built ambulance carriages in our forging workshop that currently runs in Africa and trained local people in Burundi in building carriages. Regardless of whether you have contributed with concrete efforts or not, it is we together who make it possible for us to get involved in Eezer.

Our projects

In August, the Fridhemsplan project was full. In addition, we installed wrought iron gates and railings at the Turkish Embassy, made metal glass sections for Bromma Church, interior forging, variations and wine rack. We also continued with the corten facade on Biskoppsudden. Three full welding courses also started.

With charged batteries, we look forward to this autumn's exciting project within forge & glass and to row together the move to new fresh premises. Autumn 2019 will be a fun autumn - now we're driving!

Current dates in September 2019

  • Thursday 5 September Deadline salary
  • Tuesday 17 September at 06.30-11.30 Massage in the lunch room floor 2
  • Wednesday 25 September salary payment
  • Friday 27 September general meeting at 13.30
  • Planning meeting every Thursday at 13.15 in the large conference room 


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