Moments in the forging workshop - a normal Thursday

Walking around the forging workshop with good music in the background and looking at everything nice that is made in our forging workshop is a nice feeling.

In part of the workshop, there are a bunch of welding course participants trying to learn how to weld. There are many who have never held a weld before. They wear pin welding and get to try TIG and MIG welding for the first time. Some seem to have a talent for welding!

Next to the welding course participants, production is in full swing. The blacksmiths manufacture railings and steel glass sections to the full. Some stand and talk to each other about which date suits them best for a team trip.

Inside the small workshop, the machines get hot and materials are moved. Out in the yard, our workshop manager receives a glass delivery. At the mezzanine level, our latest addition, Ibbe, manufactures an exclusive wrought iron gate. He's done with one and now he's working on the next.

Inside the office, some concentrated project managers are sitting and counting on jobs while I hear someone in the background running a sales pitch on the phone.

Finally, I pass the coffee room where some decent soul has served ice cream. What tastes better on a day like this when it's summer heat outside ??

Forge & glass (and ice cream) world class!

Exclusive wrought iron gate
Manufacture of railings


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