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Away with the time thieves

What an opportunity to create a forging workshop with better order and a more pleasant working environment! Now we have the chance to remove time thieves and create new habits so that jobs can flow better. In our new workshop, we will not store or save more than is necessary. In addition, we will only have the equipment and materials required. Everything else is a waste! Because it takes us unnecessarily much time to look, wait and move things around as soon as we need something. 

Christmas and moving are fast approaching

On Friday, it's time for the big Christmas 5 S-day. As you already know, we will focus on the move. We will clean, move things and start installing in the new workshop. Afterwards, we will enjoy a well-deserved Christmas party at the Stadium with loved ones. 

New products in our web shop

Before the Christmas rush, we will fill our web shop with new products developed by our employees. The creative joy that exists among us is something we want to take advantage of. So feel free to visit ours webshop because there you will find a wonderful mix of fine furnishings in sustainable forging. 

New: Marshal holder

Now we are going to do something about maternal mortality in Burundi

Many women dies in Burundi in connection with pregnancy and childbirth or complications related to childbirth. There are many who do not arrive at the clinic on time when it is time to give birth. So we will try to solve that together Eezer with the help of motorcycle-based ambulances.

Right now, Eezer is putting together a team that will get 100 carts together. This spring, a container will be filled with materials and equipment for 50 wagons going to Burundi. After that, the team will go down to start production locally.

The team needs a skilled electrician and someone who is skilled at milling. Do you feel called? Or maybe even want to help on the spot? In that case, contact Richard. Likewise if you want to contribute materials, equipment or tools. I promise that it is an indescribable feeling to be part of making the world a little better!

Eezers mc-ambulance

Lots of welding

It was fun when students from Beckman's design college were with us on a welding course. Soon it's time for another fun welding event when craftsmen in Stockholm come to us to see our workshop and try welding. Next year we will expand the range of courses including metal handicraft, welding evenings and also welding courses in TIG.  

Beckman's students on a welding course

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

It was community that was in focus in Prague and Palma. We had time to share thoughts about the job, interests and goals in life. In addition, we had time to reflect on how we should work to achieve our goals. It really warms my heart that we have so much fun together!

Now that we have gotten to know each other better, we can take advantage of our different strengths. In addition, we become unbeatable together when it comes to performing forge & glass world class. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

High-level cooperation

The final sprint

The countdown to Christmas leave has begun and all leave applications have been approved. Now we go into the final sprint. It's a great job you do so keep it up all the way straight to the finish line! 

Our projects

In November, we continued with the cortene facade on Biskopsudden and installed copper-clad glass sections for Bromma church. We made wrought iron railings with guides that were wrapped in leather. We also made steel pillars, wrought iron railings and steel stairs. In addition, we made windows and door sections for the County Council House and burglary grilles for NCC. Furthermore, one replaced the beam job the other to the LA group. Finally, we also made sheet metal walls for Fridhemsplan day and night.

The Eddings brothers

In November, Järngänget did Eddings furniture designed by Jonas Bohlin to the new star restaurant on Biskopsudden. They continued with the forging jobs for Lidl, made suspension details for luminaires for the bridge at Bälstaån and also installed terrace railings and canopies at Gärdesskolan. Furthermore, they started making a staircase to Trygg-Hansa-Huset.

In December, Eddings will install forging for Welandtrappor and also continue with some additional work in kv. Stettin. In addition, they will manufacture a lattice floor plan for Lidl in Barkaby.

Current dates in December 2019

  • Thursday 5 December at 18.00 “Welcome to my workshop” - welding event for Stockholm Hantverksförening. Course leaders: Jimmy & Yosef and Richard
  • Friday 6 December 5 S-day. NOTE! mandatory participation at 9-14.15. Ok to start with 5 S at 06.30.
  • Friday 6 December Christmas party at the Stadium. Gathering at 17.45 at the bell tower
  • Wednesday 11 December welding test from 13.30
  • Friday 13 December at 13.45 lussefika
  • Monday 23 December salary payment
  • Monday 23 December working hours 06.30-13.15 (collective employees)
  • Monday 30 December working hours 06.30-13.15 (collective employees)    
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45 (notify Johanna if you can not come)    
  • Planning meeting every Thursday at 13.15 in the conference room


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