Monthly newsletter December 2019 - everything in forging & glass

What do we remember from 2019?

Wow what a year it has been! The parable of a roller coaster is quite apt for the year. Expectantly, you sit in the carriage and it becomes a journey both up and down and with a loop in the middle. When it is at its scariest, a feeling suddenly arises that you want to get off the car, but it is not possible. It goes away and suddenly you are back where it all started and happy that it is over. A fun, exciting, cool or awful experience, depending on who you are.

2019 is a year that I will soon forget with many great challenges that we together have helped to overcome. Here you get some glimpses from the year.

The year began shakily with low sales. It was tougher than we had predicted to succeed with the sale through our investment with new project managers as our old experienced foxes retired. Until we got Lundgren's biggest project of all time. It was an outstanding team that struggled with steel frames and sheet metal cassettes on Fridhemsplan during a very tight schedule this summer. The gang showed that they could solve the task in a good way in time. 

No summer without a summer torment

It was a real push to get us through the liquidity crisis that we ended up in for various reasons. We had to get out of the slump completely icy cold when we saw a glimmer of light. So after a few sleepless nights, we managed to recover the cash and also break records! This meant that we could finance the purchase of our new one forging workshop in Bromma and that the renovation of the premises could begin. In addition, we were in phase with our sales budget! What a thrill!

Other highlights

Another highlight from the year was the follow-up trips Eezer to Kenya. That we get to see the results of Eezer's work on site and that the motorcycle ambulances actually save lives in the African countryside is an indescribable feeling. 

I will also remember the commitment at our 5 S meetings with a focus on moving. Also team travel to Prague and Palma when we put fun in the culture and became even more welded teams etched in the memory. 


We managed to reach our sales target in 2019 and are generally satisfied with the result. A big thank you to all the staff who make Lundgren's a fun workplace and that we can perform forge & glass world class! We have challenges ahead of us but also great opportunities. If we focus on the right things and benefit from our lessons, we will succeed in achieving our goals also in 2020. The key to success is cooperation and together we are unbeatable. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

The year in pictures

Every month, a winner is chosen in our competition. Picture of the month The winning entry is published in our monthly newsletter. Here are 12 moments from 2019. 

SkrotkonstFathi är så skicklig på att skapa konst av lite skrot och det finns många konstverk som vi har fått avnjuta.
SCRAP ART by Fathi
Photographer: Yosef
THE LADIES are waiting
Photographer: Richard
THE LADIES on the roof are flying back to the art academy
Photographer: Jussi
WITH TEAMWORK and a little fucking embrace, we can deliver forging
Photographer: Dominykas
MR FATHI assembles noise plank
Photographer: Jimmy
Photographer: Jyrki

HAPPY for the opening of Fridhemsplan
Photographer: Johanna
now as then
Photographer: unknown
Photographer: Nader
FURNITURE for the new star restaurant on Biskopsudden
Photographer: Samer
VISUAL control of weld
Photographer: Fathi