Moment, Samer Azzam in Sturegallerian

Tonight the last plates and moldings will be up! The project started in February and we have worked over 30 nights in total. It is a job that can only be done at night when the shops are closed. We have mounted wall sections and plates with brass moldings in the hallway from Stureplan. It is quite tough to work at night because it becomes a strange circadian rhythm with strange food times etc. I come home at four, go to bed, the children wake up at seven, I sleep on, eat breakfast, go to work and drive all night. But, it works! The result in the mall will be very good. Everyone is happy - we, the architect and the client! And, it feels fun!

Sami have worked as welders (pipes, pipelines, etc.) in their home country. It was his father who taught him to weld once upon a time. In Sweden he has learned the trade and today he is one of Lundgren's skilled blacksmiths!