Monthly newsletter May 2017

It feels like May is over before it even began. It was full swing in the workshop and right now we are working hard to get as much as possible ready for the holidays.


Before everyone disappears on their way, we want to celebrate the summer with you. We do this at Djurgårdsbrunn's inn where we start with a boules tournament and then eat a good barbecue dinner in a wonderful atmosphere by the water. The evening's chef will share his best barbecue tips.



Many feel that we need more time to perform 5-S activities, to be able to participate in the meetings and that we need to coordinate with other groups to get ahead with 5 S. Therefore, we will spend half a day at 5 S (before the summer party) . Everyone should participate and new ones should be introduced to the method. In three hours we will have time for at least 20 improvements! Each improvement is one step closer to the common goal - a better and safer workplace with higher well-being and better profitability.



I am really happy that you take care of all new employees and introduce them to the job in a welcoming way. The first impression of the new workplace can be decisive for how they will thrive with us. The faster they get started, the faster they can also help us achieve our common goals. New employees often tell how kind, nice and helpful everyone is - it warms !!

In May, we received Bassam from the Steel Builder Training for APL. Jussi started as a blacksmith / fitter two days / week in parallel with his welding training. We hired Fasil who runs construction services together with Mosaad. In addition to this, Sam returned to work this summer before resuming his training as a heat smith. Things also happened in the office. At the end of May, David came to study the engineering modules with a focus on construction at the Vocational Academy. Affe came back and will run project management together with David and Richard. They formed a project team and will be helped with different parts of the projects.



We need to be even more! Business is crowded and we have a hard time keeping up. We need your help to tip and share that we are looking for blacksmiths and fitters as well as project managers.



The salary negotiation is over. For the collective employees, the wage pool was 1.8 % for the first period of the agreement. During the negotiation, we agreed to make the first joint salary review of 0.4 %. The new salary applies from 1 April and will be paid to the midsummer salary.

For salaried employees, we follow the levels in the salaried employees' agreement. During the first contract period, 2 % applies to salary increases. The salary increase will be paid from 1 May.



During the summer, you must continue to report absence due to illness and VAB according to current practice (text message). Announce any changes in your leave in good time.



Register your times before you go on vacation. You who are a project manager must approve hours worked before your holiday.



In May, BLÅ GRUPPEN installed Weland stairs and continued with the expansion of the container garage at Jästbolaget. They continued with the forging to the outdoor air shaft and manufactured and assembled reinforcements in a stairwell. In addition to this, the group continued at Danderyd where a large assembly of Grid awaits. THE GREEN GROUP was almost finished with the first barrier kiosk at Södra station. The elevator shaft to the National Museum was completed for assembly. After assembly, they will dress it with brass and glaze with Hammerglass. The group continued with railings and lots for Nordea, which will soon be completed. They delivered the first three cups of clad window doors to the Housewife. In addition to this, the group made a door scope, a steel frame for a heat pump and mounted aluminum panels.

THE RED GROUP was completed in Sturegallerian. For just over 30 nights, they have mounted wall sections and plates with brass moldings in the hallway from Stureplan. The result was fantastic! The group also installed wine racks at Magnusson Fine Wine. They made wine racks and table bases for Janax Snickeri and assembled brass clad sections on Lundagatan. THE YELLOW GROUP continued with KTH where they finished everything except the grid. They installed a spiral staircase at Huddinge Hospital and manufactured and installed a railing. They worked with variations and ventilation ducts and the service group was full as usual.

This summer we will be full. Among other things, fire lots are waiting for Skeppström's building, installation of stairs with a glass railing for IBM, lots for the School of Architecture, Housewife, DS…. So fun!


Thursday 1 June last registration day Summer party

Friday 2 June at 13.30 Large meeting with 5 S focus

Monday 5 June off (squeeze day - collective employees)

Tuesday 6 June free (National Day)

Wednesday 14 June Hot work

Thursday 15 June at 06.30-10.30 massage / chiropractor (lunch room floor 2)

Friday 16 June 5 S workshops at 11.00-14.15 NOTE! Compulsory attendance

Friday 16 June Summer party

Thursday 22 June salary payment

Thursday 22 June working hours at 06.30-13.15 6 hours (day before Midsummer's Eve)

5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45

Planning meeting every Friday at 09.15 in the large conference room

Welcome to Sommarfest 16 June!