Monthly newsletter September 2017

Do you work here?

One day quite recently, our CEO Richard was out in the workshop to check on a job. Then one of our new employees came up to him and asked: do you work here?? It made us realize how important it is that we have coffee together and get to know each other. We have really accelerated and so far this year we have employed 18 people! In addition, we have had trainees, summer workers and hired staff. We are new and unknown to each other. It takes more than greeting the first day for us to know who everyone in the company is and what we can do. A good opportunity for this is to just have coffee together.



The first time as a newcomer to the job is important. It is very new and it is important to get acquainted with the routines at the new workplace, gain insight into the company's structure and get to know the culture. Even if the new employee has had similar tasks in the past, routines and requirements may differ.

A good introduction is AO. Without it, there is a risk that new employees will be put on the wrong type of job with expectations that they are unable to live up to. It is unreasonable to expect new employees to be self-sufficient from the beginning and that they should know how we think and act at LUNDGRENS. It takes time, maybe a whole year ??! I think everyone new should have a mentor who coaches during the first time. A designated person that they work with and that they can ask. The mentor instructs which way the job should be performed and what is expected. In the meantime, we get to know each other, find forms of cooperation and see what the new employee's ability is in practice. The introduction at LUNDGRENS needs to be better. What do you think it should look like?


Employee interviews

Employee interviews began and will continue in October. It is a conversation about your work situation, performance, well-being, work environment and development.


How was it in Kenya?

Our heroes Axel, Bahman, David, Jimmy and Richard were in Kenya to help with Eezer's development efforts to reduce maternal mortality in the African countryside. A total of 15 people went. During the week, they helped hand over two motorcycle ambulances, visited schools, were in a Massaiby and helped repair a real ambulance. There were many interesting meetings and strong impressions. At the next general meeting, they will tell more about the trip and what they have in mind about the continued collaboration with Eezer.


We sell all the time!

Everyone can sell and we sell all the time, both privately and at work. We sell our ideas, a job, vacation plans, salary, messages to our children, etc. It was gratifying that some took the opportunity to develop in sales. Some participated in Mikael Andt's sales training The Master who is all you need to become a cruel salesman! It was also a group that spent an entire day (Closers Only) with lectures from some of Sweden's foremost lecturers, entrepreneurs and business leaders in sales. During the day, they received inspiration and new knowledge. Among other things, they learned more about how the sales process works, buy signals, presentation technology and how to work with different customer types.  


What a week!

During one and the same week, we combed home a number of significant orders. Bosse sold facade sections to Drottninggatan for SEK 2.2 million, Adam received an order for a roof for a cooling unit of SEK 1.3 million + on an ongoing basis, Yosef H sold wrought iron to NCC for SEK 500,000 and Micke received an order for service of bakery trolleys. We celebrated that with gofika!


Now we are raising the hourly rate

The new hourly charge from 1 October is SEK 600 / hour.


Our projects

Blue team continued to install a grid in the new emergency care building at Danderyd. The mounted stairs in the basement and L-steel around the facade to a storage space for lots. Evacuation stairs to the roof are on the entrance. In addition to this, the team installed an entrance section on Liljeholmen for TL Bygg. Furthermore, they worked with sheet metal applications for Söderenergi, a stair railing and the expansion of a container garage. The green team continued with Housewife. It was the manufacture of copper-clad parts and glazing as well as the delivery of nine doors and a large number of copper-clad parts. They assembled the elevator shaft and began assembling sections in the rock chamber. In addition, the team assembled one of two lots for the National Museum. They also installed a glass wall at Södra Station and manufactured glass frames with glass for CL Specialglas.

The red team continued with the new meat shop and batch production. They also started with a staircase. The yellow group made a fire glass party with brass moldings in the Concert Hall. Furthermore, they made two doors in Rissne and a lattice gate into a tenant-owner association. In addition to this, various production of forging for On Track in Älvsjö.

Our new project managers were busy counting on jobs. Rizwan made drawings and Affe was out at IBM and made sure everything was ready for the final inspection. It went well and the result was very nice. David continued with the railings for NCC to Utskogen's preschool. Riyam received his first order which was a ramp and Sébastien will now start with a staircase.

- END -

Current dates in October 2017

  • Wednesday 4 October Cinnamon Bun Day Joint coffee at 14.00 in the lunch room e.g.
  • Friday 6 October at 13.30 Grand Meeting
  • Thursday 12 October massage at 06.30-10.30 in the lunch room floor 1
  • Wednesday 25 October salary payment
  • October 31 at 18.00-21.00 Sales training The master via Arndt's sales network, Gustavslundsvägen 151 H in Alvik 
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.45 (unless another time has been set in the groups)
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room