Monthly newsletter October 2017

We are now tightening the requirements for personal protective equipment 

We are obliged to follow safety regulations at construction sites. It is NOT ok to be careless !! We are now tightening the requirements for personal protective equipment. We at LUNDGRENS will always wear a warning vest, helmet, safety shoes and goggles when we are out working. Gloves and hearing protection must also be included. For your own safety and health, you should always use this basic equipment. If there are other requirements, you must follow it - period.


40 welding samples in one day

In October, there was a welding test at LUNDGRENS. First out were eight of our new skilled welders who took tests in MMA and MAG. Then the ambitious participants from the welding courses took over and took tests in MMA and TIG. Everything went at a furious pace. What a great job Torbjörn from Inspecta did who supervised about 40 samples during one and the same afternoon !! The result was outstanding - 99 % were approved! Last week, two full-fledged beginner courses in MMA started. More courses in MMA and TIG will start after the turn of the year.


The end of cleaning campaigns!

5 S is a priority area for LUNDGRENS to achieve the overall goals with increased sales and better profitability. The improvement leaders for the 5 S groups decided that all groups should run 5 S at the same time to make it easier to participate. Drop the broom when you see each other and spend time with 5 S and the improvement factory! I was so happy last Friday when I saw that more and more people were working towards the common 5 S goal - a better and safer workplace with higher well-being and better profitability. Keep it up and the cleaning campaigns will end soon!


Christmas holidays

Soon it's Christmas again and we need to plan our business. It's time to apply for leave and you do it in NEXT. We work to ensure that everyone has their wishes met, so come in with your application on time.


Christmas party

December 1 is the Christmas party. This year we will be at the charming Canaan Garden Cafe. We will enjoy a well-cooked Christmas table with a lot of love. The evening ends with a bar hangout, mingling and dancing before the bus returns to town. Hope you and your respective will!


Teambuilding in Gran Canaria and Malta

When we started team travel almost three years ago, some cheered while others asked: what should it be good for? We already know each other! The purpose of the trips was precisely to get to know each other to do an even better job together. Of course, a lot of team building takes place at small talk and at the coffee table, but there must also be forums where we can further strengthen the team spirit and develop as a group. When the teams came home from their travels, everyone told how much fun they had had. Everyone could attest that they got to know each other in a completely new way because there was so much they did not know about each other. By changing the environment and gathering outside of work, a we-feeling was created that increased well-being and made the teams easier to collaborate.


In November, it's time for gula team to go to Gran Canaria and blue team moves to Malta. The programs will look different depending on what the teams need to develop. There will definitely be a lot of laughs, interesting discussions with many good ideas, draws and, above all, more close-knit teams.


Economy news

Sales increased by 30 % compared with the same period the year before and profitability remains good. During October, a lot of improvements were introduced to streamline financial work. The project managers began to take personal responsibility for customer invoicing. In order to be able to follow up costs in a better and more efficient way, we reduced the chart of accounts. A new routine for following up overdue accounts receivable was introduced. We also started the budget work and responsibility for various items was assigned. You can see who is responsible for the budget and who you should turn to for various issues in our internal presentation of "Employees at Lundgrens".


Autumn pepper

The days get darker and it is often rain and debris. As a little nice autumn pepper, we intend to end the next big meeting with a well-deserved afterwork. Gredelin Gastro Hubs comes with its food truck and serves gredelinburgers. We need a little extra energy in the autumn darkness so that we can fight to the last for a record year!


Our projects

Right now we run our annual drive of wine racks. Restaurant Leijontornet, Vinkällaren Grappe and Magnusson Fine Wine are some of our most famous customers. Wine racks are delivered in all forms and we also have our own design of wine racks.

In October manufactured and assembled blue team a slender wrought iron railing and supervisor for a private person who was involved in designing the railing. They installed a roof ladder to Elektronikhöjden in Järfälla and dismantled doors in a floor for Moab. They mounted a door frame for a quick-roll door and reinforcement forging for a Paroc wall. Furthermore, the team manufactured and assembled a gate to an outdoor terrace for Tungel Byggare. The gang at Danderyd put MT steel. They have received a lot of praise from the client for all the work they do, great fun! Furthermore, the Skanska team at Haga hotel helped with various forging work before the final inspection. They also did some forging work for NCC in Gröndal. In addition to this, they started manufacturing the roof platform that will be installed in November. Then a montage of a new floor also awaits Åke Sundvall. Beam changes and a wrought iron staircase for Tungel Byggare on Kungsgatan are also planned.

The green team had full focus on Husfrun with the production of copper-clad parts. They glazed above ground so that the house became tight. The team finished the glass wall at Södra station and assembled parts at the National Museum. They made plates for scraper grilles and crash protection for pillars in a parking garage. The outdoor seating at the Café was dismantled. Furthermore, they started with the batch production for Kvarteret Hägern on Drottninggatan. The red team helped with Husfrun and started assembling the refrigeration units for the new Meat Shop. They made glass racks for the La Colline restaurant. Furthermore, they made a water game in the form of a tub with a stand for the flowers. Everything according to the customer's wishes! Gula team assembled forging for On Track in Älvsjö and continued his work in the Concert Hall. They made a pergola forged. In addition to this, they mounted a glass railing, a lattice gate and scopes for a glass section. The service guys were busy as usual with various service work.

New project management team completed the assembly of beams in Kista. Finally, one of Stockholm's most beautiful railings came into place at Urskogen's preschool. It was a completely new special solution according to NCC's wishes. Fathi and Bahman showed a sense of quality in manufacturing. Belal and Javier then performed a very efficient assembly. Project managers David and NCC were very pleased with the results and the collaboration. In November, one  self-supporting steel stairs with glass railings are mounted. The work of finding new suppliers is ongoing. The inquiries continue to pour in and thanks to our new strength, we can provide quick answers.



Current dates in November 2017

  • Friday 3 November working hours 06.30-13.15 6 h (allhelgona)
  • Wednesday 8 November at 06.30 introduction CE-marked projects for new employees (English version) at the meeting place floor 1
  • Thursday 9 November massage at 06.30-10.30 in the lunch room floor 1
  • Friday 10 November at 13.45 General meeting with afterwork  
  • Friday 10 November last application day Christmas leave
  • Thursday 16 November last registration day Christmas party 1/12 (NOTE! Binding notification)
  • Friday 17 November announcement of Christmas holidays
  • November 17-21 yellow team conference in Gran Canaria
  • November 22-26 blue team conference in Malta
  • Friday 24 November salary payment
  • Tuesday 28 November at 18.00-21.00 Sales training The master via Arndt's sales network, Gustavslundsvägen 151 H in Alvik
  • 5 S - the improvement factory every Friday at 13.4(notify your group leader if you can not come)
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room