Monthly newsletter November 2017


In November, we became proud owners of Bröderna Eddings Smide. Eddings has been active since 1945. Torgny Stolt has run the company for some time. There are 11 employees and Torgny is one of those who worked the longest. Torgny with staff will continue to run the company as before with the support of selected parts of LUNDGREN's system for project follow-up. Their focus is construction forging, fine forging and service. Initially, we will focus on speeding up sales, implementing a new finance program and NEXT and coordinating transport. We will get to know the staff and review the need for development and resources. They are skilled and we are skilled - together we will be awesome! For more info about Edding's visit


A bubbly Riyam rang the order bell 12 times and invited for coffee and bubbly to celebrate that she got her first real order! With the help of Yosef H as a coach, she got a job worth SEK 1.2 million. They will deliver and install a large canopy, sunshades, a railing and three stairs to a preschool. The project starts in early 2018. The fact that she received help from a skilled and experienced project manager was valuable and made the road to success easier. Together they will carry out the project gallantly. Since Riyam started at the end of August, she has struggled to get into the match. This is proof of a very good work effort and a working collaboration. Congratulations Riyam and Yosef!



After melting the Kenyan trip, LUNDGRENS decided that we will continue to be involved in the development project Eezer, which works to reduce maternal mortality in the world. The next step in the project is to improve the existing motorcycle ambulance so that it can better cope with the difficult terrain in the African countryside. Devex is developing a drawing for the manufacture of welding jigs. The templates will then be sent to a local workshop in Africa for the manufacture of the wagons. The goal is to build 30 crews in 2018 that will be lent to local organizations in Kenya, Burundi and Congo. A screening sex that passes the Swedish inspection will also be built. Feel free to read the article about Eezer in the magazine Svetsen.



Workplace is like an intranet that enables us to communicate with each other in a smooth and fun way. We can write posts, share photos, create groups and events, chat, etc. Next everyone is involved, so join us even if you have not already done so. Also, remember to check your email periodically. Now there is a loan computer that you can use if you need to register times, check emails, attend web-based courses etc.



Gula team had a super trip in Las Palmas. It was team building at a high level with get-to-know-you exercises, 5-fight, wrestling, excursion in the mountains and much more. They visited a forging workshop that we hope we can start a collaboration with. There were many newcomers on the trip and the group formed a team with a common goal. They agreed that cooperation is the key to success. One of the participants, who has worked for many years in the forging industry, said that he had never experienced anything like this before. Blue team trip to Malta was also memorable. The feeling of security was present in the group and the gang became a close-knit team. Now charging green team for his trip to Budapest in December.



In November, Jimmy gave an esteemed introduction to CE-marked projects for new employees. We plan to have workshops on various topics in the future. Feel free to come up with suggestions for themes where there is a need for competence development.



It's starting to get cold outside and the construction fans are on in the workshop. It happens quite often that there is a full cutter on the fans during evenings and weekends. There is a lot of energy that we waste and here there is money to be saved. It is also worth remembering that we do not work as well when it is too hot. For mobile or physically strenuous work, the temperature should be at least 14-15 ° C, it does not have to be sauna heat...



We reached breakeven in November and ended up above this zero point! Right now there is a lot of focus on project accounting and the finance department is working full time for an even better and simpler overview.



Congratulations to the gang at Danderyd who were named UE in October! They did a fantastic job and received much praise for their commitment. In November they continued with the assembly of MT steel and did a lot of additional work. Further did blue team service jobs at Jästbolaget and variety bars on Kungsgatan and Strandvägen. They installed a self-supporting staircase with glass railings for NCC in Kista. The team also mounted a stand for a platform for a cooling unit on a roof in Liljeholmen for TL Bygg. The job is expected to be completed in mid-December. They made a change to the Trygg Hansa house on Kungsholmen. A railing job for Friskis & Svettis in Abrahamsberg awaits the team. '

The green team continued with copper-clad sections to the Housewife. They also started manufacturing sliding and swing doors for Drottninggatan. The Blicken project continued with the assembly of about 30 glass sections. The red team completed the coolers for AG's new Meat Store and made door sections in copper for Högabolagen. In addition to this, there were some small jobs such as moldings, frames, railings, etc. Micke S came into the project manager role more and more and made furnishings for Fabrique Stenugnsbageri. He also worked with sliding doors to a wardrobe that the customer designed himself. It was also time to start assembling the canopy for special properties. Furthermore, Affe delivered a rig to a vinsh. All jobs in the IBM house for the LA group were completed and a canopy was installed.

Gula team completed the assembly of door sections in the Concert Hall and at St. Göran's Hospital. They installed a lattice gate on Fridhemsplan. The team also installed lattice floors, railings and ladders in plastic for the Käppala treatment plant. They assembled steel for glass walls for On track in Älvsjö and now work is underway on the pergola and glazing. As usual, the service guys were busy with various service work. In the coming weeks, the team will manufacture doors and various forged products. Otherwise helped Rizwan even made drawings for the project managers.



It is suffering towards Christmas and some well-deserved days off are waiting. All applications for holidays during Christmas and New Year are approved. Remember to notify any changes as soon as possible.

Finally we are in the finish line and now I want to see a real final sprint !! It's sickly exciting and you do a really good job. Continue with it straight into the goal!

- END -