Monthly newsletter December 2017

LUNDGRENS New Year's candies

At the end of the year, we like to look back on the past year. Here are some glimpses from 2017. The year started well when Adam sold LUNDGREN's biggest project of all time. There was supplementary forging and steel frames for medical equipment in the new emergency care building at Danderyd Hospital. The gang did a fantastic job and became UE of the month in October! We were faced with a real challenge when it came to getting the patination of the copper to all batches that were to be manufactured for Husfrun. In the end we got to it and the project could continue! To cope with the high pressure, we recruited many new talents and today we are 50 employees.

Through our 5 S work, we took over one hundred steps closer to a better and safer workplace with higher well-being and better profitability. For our five doers, it was a journey with many interesting meetings and strong impressions when they accompanied Eezer to Kenya to reduce maternal mortality. They tested the motorcycle ambulances in the right environment, handed over two crews, visited schools, were in a Massaiby, repaired a real ambulance and met organizations that will use the ambulances in the future. Another highlight in 2017 was when we became the owners of Bröderna Eddings Smide. Not to mention memorable team trips around Europe as we got to know each other better and built relationships.

The best of all is probably that 2017 was a record year with the best result in LUNDGREN's history !! We paid out SEK 1.3 million in performance salaries to our project managers (performance owners) who contributed to the fantastic result. In a completely unique way, they took full responsibility for the business, both sales and implementation of their own projects!


LUNDGREN's overall goal is to increase sales and to achieve a profitability of at least 10 %. The goal is for us to have a turnover of 100 million by 2020. How do we get there? Growth will take place both organically and through acquisitions. We will eexpand the customer base while ensuring that existing customers remain satisfied. We want to be the most efficient partner for both customers and suppliers. We will offer our customers the best solutions in forging and glass with the help of high technical competence.

Community, 5 S, recruitment, profit ownership, Kul-Tur, collaboration with suppliers, skills development and appealing are in focus. It is important that we see the goal and not get caught up in the obstacles along the way. There is nothing that works completely painlessly and we should not be afraid to make mistakes. It happens from time to time and the important things are that we learn because that is when we will reach the goal.


In December, Affe took over as workshop manager. He was given responsibility for the logistics around transport and deliveries, tools & machines, warehouses, cars as well as customer reception and small jobs.


Congratulations to the group for public spaces who took home the second victory in a row for the most performed 5 S-improvements. New carpets, shoe dryers, mufflers, shelves, etc. We will continue to run 5 S every Friday with mandatory attendance.


In January, new welding courses start and Samer makes his debut as a course leader.


The green team had a good team trip in Budapest. They got quality time together and got to know each other better through team building activities.  


In December mounted blue team reinforcement beams on Kungsgatan for Tungel Byggare. They helped in Micke's project at Norrtäljeanstalten where they built a large canopy. The team also did service work at Jästbolaget and the social administration in Stockholm. They made a canopy for Baxter for NCC which is ready for installation.

The gang at Danderyd continued with the assembly of MT steel and did some additional work. EAT jobs are almost up to SEK 2.5 million !!! The platform stand for the cooling unit in Ljljeholmen for TL-Bygg came into place. The inspection went excellently and was without remarks. Both the customer and the designer were satisfied! Wille did a nice job with the railing for Friskis & Svettis in Abrahamsberg. The customer was satisfied and we got more jobs for their facilities. Furthermore, the diversion to the Trygg Hansa building on Flemminggatan was completed. The guys had to work at night and did a very good job.

In January will blue team build a mezzanine for TL Bygg on Kv Kejsaren, install a fire mail pipe on the facade for Moab in Veddesta and do forging work on Strandvägen for Skeppströms Byggnads.

The green team worked mostly with the manufacture and installation of facade sections with special glass on Drottninggatan. The team got up two thirds of the job and the rest will go up in January. In the project, we bought the facade sections and built two swing doors and five sliding doors ourselves. Furthermore, the team continued with Husfrun, which will continue for a while into the spring. At the beginning of next year, parts for two barrier kiosks will be delivered to Slussen. The team was strengthened with glass fitter Dimitris and Nader got a job.

The red team assembled copper-clad sections for Högabolagen and made a brass curtain rod for Brasseri La Colline. In 2018, the team will work with restaurant interiors for Jonas Bohlin, party production and security doors.

Made in December gula team pergola to On track in Älvsjö and they were almost finished with the assembly. In addition to this, the team manufactured a stainless steel railing, beams and brackets for a screen wall. The service guys were busy with various service work. In January, more jobs await in Käppala treatment plant, demolition of a staircase in Nacka and production and installation of four doors.

In addition to this, 12 wine racks were manufactured, the work with luminaires and flower boxes for Jakobsberg's center and the glass sections in Handen continued. We also helped to rebuild the motorcycle ambulance to Eezer so that it will cope better with the difficult terrain in the African countryside.


Finally, we would like to thank all the customers we worked with during the year and who gave us the trust. Thank you to all the suppliers who helped us with products and services in the projects. And, many thanks to ALL the fantastic employees who took care of our customers and each other in by far the best way. It has been fantastic to see you develop both individually and as a team. Now we put an end to the 65th chapter. Expectantly, we look forward to an unwritten sheet. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!