Moments in Olgulului

It was so touching when we visited the Olgulului Health Center in Kenya. Many in the village had put on their finest clothes and jewelry and then walked almost a mile to meet us. They were expectant when we finally arrived. The women sang, danced, gave speeches, and blessed us. We all got nice necklaces.

Lars Klingsbo told about motorcycle ambulances that most people had heard about before. I was happy when I saw the nice, new and modern maternity clinic that was inaugurated last year. The clinic had 12 care places and three doctors. Today, about 9 children are born a month at the clinic. The hope is that there will be more. Nearly 2,000 children are born in the area every year. There is no means of transport to get to the clinic when it is time to give birth. Many people choose to give birth at home because it is too far to walk and that there are many dangerous animals along the way. Some bleed…

I immediately felt that here an Eezers motorcycle ambulance could really make a difference. Hope, hope it becomes a reality soon!