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It suffers towards Christmas

Now we enter the month of December which is a time of festivities and a period where we must give the iron at work! It feels good to have some time off to look forward to. We were able to grant all leave applications again this year. We will be open as usual on weekdays.

Giveaway - guess what

Spring Christmas gift contest has begun: "With this stand, it will be easy to store your bottles in a stylish way". Every Sunday until Christmas, you have the chance to win exclusive wrought iron furnishings. When all the Advent candles are lit, one last Christmas present will be placed under the Christmas tree. Do you want to compete? Visit us at FACEBOOK and or INSTAGRAM.

This year's Christmas present - wine rack

Thank you for all the nice and fun contributions to this year's Christmas present! It was a lot of fun to take part in all the creative ideas that flowed. The prize went to Jussi with the thumbnail of our wine rack "Grape and Kenneth with the genuine wrought iron candlestick. Congratulations! This Christmas season, our forging workshop has been transformed into a Santa workshop and the production of Christmas presents is in full swing. We have many great Christmas gift bargains to offer our customers!

Clean, clean every Friday and every Christmas - I think it's fun!

On December 14, we will run a favorite in replay and make a joint 5 S bet on the farm. The goal is to create more space and better order to achieve more efficient logistics.

Christmas party

Then there will be a party Wallmans salons! This year we run our traditional Christmas party together with the iron gang at Eddings.

Teamwork to row home the business  

Tomas and David will focus on sales in the future. They will involve employees at an early stage and then hand over sold projects to the person who will carry it out.

Motorcycle ambulances are now being built in Burundi

What an invaluable contribution Richard and Elvis made together Eezers fiery soul Lars Klingsbo in Burundi. They assembled two wagons on site and trained locals to build Eezer's ambulance wagons. Now a guy named Andree has started building ambulances in his spare time. He sees a great need for the wagons to reduce maternal mortality in Burundi.

Otherwise, we finished with the wagons that are going to Chad in January.

Test drive the completed motorcycle ambulance 
Local production of motorcycle ambulances in Burundi!

The workshop manager has the floor

The validation of welding machines and calipers was completed. We will continue to work with systematic improvement work every Friday at the 5 S meetings. Remember that workshop hours may only be performed in agreement with Jussi. It is your project manager who is responsible for your employment and it is to him / her that you should turn when you get a gap. Also remember to register your times in NEXT every day.

Our projects

In October continued blue team with variations and reinforcement beams for Constrera on the Cleaning Needle. They did one glass door to Lidingö City Hall, various forges to TL-Bygg and a forging railing. The team also made a wrought iron gate to a courtyard at Sickla Udde School. Furthermore, the team started with the elevator shaft at Jägarbacken. The steel frame for a heater for NCC also started up.

The green team continued with the barrier kiosk to Vega station. They did the last thing copper clad metal glass section and lamp luminaires for the Housewife. The team manufactured parts for pram ramps that will soon be installed at the metro stations Rådmansgatan and S: t Eriksplan. They also made two steel frames for a double door.

The red team manufactured and assembled a brass shelf for bakery Ingrid. They started with sliding doors that will be clad in brass for a hotel in the Old Town. They made stair railings, balcony railings and an annoyed copper frame. Furthermore, they made 120 transport mounts for MTAB and ten fruit stands for Smiling Faces. The assembly of the glass cafeteria continued. They made a car ramp in Årsta, repaired and reinforced a stand for the gaming fair and mounted break protection for a door. Finally, we made the annual gingerbread mold Fabrique Stenugnsbageri which this year became a Santa hat.

The assembly of metal glass sections for New Karolinska started for gula team. Everything was ready at Bjursätraförskolan. The team manufactured the wrought iron railings for Solberga Church in Gothenburg and soon they will start with the metal parts. Furthermore, they made a change. The team received an order for two CEWE40 steel lots. The service team did various service mids.  

Eddings Smide continued its work in the new emergency room at Danderyd Hospital. In November, they worked with fine-tuning of MT steel, steel sections and additional forging work. At the end of the month, it was a rooftop party held by Locum, which was a sign that it was nearing the end! The entrance parties to H&M were completed. A nice effort by the gang where the customer was very satisfied. Furthermore, Edding's Frijo helped with a change to an elevator at the metro station. They also worked with Erlandsson's construction in, among other things, their project on Almarevägen's preschool where they installed casting plates. Eddings also made the wrought iron railings for JM. The assembly of the steel stairs on Drottninggatan was in full swing and in the days to come the oak steps will be installed. Work on the large spiral staircase with associated gangway in Gröndal continued. It got more jobs in Bredängen C where they will do facade forging for three stairwells. In December, they will start with stainless steel mounting plates for an aluminum trellis.

Elvis and Dominykas go through drawings

It suffers towards Christmas - Advent breakfast


  • Current dates in December 2018 
  • Wednesday 5 December Deadline salary
  • Thursday 13 December at 14.00 Lussefika
  • Friday 14 December 5 S-day with general meeting at 13.30
  • Friday 14 December CHRISTMAS PARTY at 18.00 at Wallman's salons
  • Friday 21 December salary payment 
  • Friday 21 December the day before Christmas Eve at 06.30-13.15 (6 h)
  • Friday 28 December day before New Year's Eve working hours at 06.30-13.15 (6 h)
  • 5 S - improvement factory every Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come). NOTE! No 5 S on weekdays.
  • Planning meeting every Friday at 10.00 in the large conference room


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