Monthly newsletter June 2019 - everything in forging & glass

From the fact that it was tough to succeed with the sales at the beginning of the year until we got into some big projects. Therefore, we have loaded with resources because it will be an intense period. This summer we are open as usual and we are grateful that we have staff who help us cope with the summer peak. Right now we have the capacity to take fast forging jobs like that Contact Us if you need help with anything.

A summer greeting

Before many people take a holiday, I want to take the opportunity to send a summer greeting. First of all, I want to thank our fantastic employees who fight with us every day to achieve our goals. Without you, we would never be able to deliver world-class wrought iron and glass! To our growing gang, we welcome the blacksmiths Nasim, Anibal and Mathiaz as well as project manager Martin. Thank you to everyone who applied for a job with us. We have a continuing need for staff within the group, so tip, spread & search ours Available positions! Last but not least, a big thank you to all new and old customers for the trust!

Take the opportunity to enjoy the summer and recharge your batteries before the autumn. Take advantage of those moments that give you new energy. We look forward to an autumn filled with new challenges - new workshop, Kenya trips, metal crafts, team travel, exciting projects in forging & glass and other fun.

Our new forging workshop

Now we have finally found a new forging workshop! It is located in Bromma and we will have access in July. We will fix the premises and then we will gradually move our business. 

Efforts to reduce maternal mortality

In August, our doers Javier and Richard will each go on a follow-up trip to Kenya to visit clinics and organizations that Eezer collaborates to reduce maternal mortality. They will follow up on already delivered motorcycle ambulances that transport pregnant women to clinics in the African countryside. We also sponsored a travel scholarship that was awarded to Bike Babes member Ulrika Bohlin who we believe will be an excellent Eezeram ambassador. Congratulations on your Kenya trip!

Eezers mc-ambulance

5 S improvement factory

Before the summer we drove spring 5 S-day and shoved away what we have a hard time keeping up with in everyday life. This summer we take a break from our 5 S meetings. However, it is important that we maintain the good order we have created so that we do not have to start again from step 1 until the autumn.

Our projects

In June, there was full focus on our ongoing projects in forging and glass. There were crop beams, glass walls and door sections going on. We made additions to existing doors at NKS. A team installed an ALU ramp and door frames. Other projects we worked on were assembly of door sections in Uppsala, forging work for NCC and Bonava. Furthermore, we continued with the wine cabinets to Magnusson Fine wine. We also continued with the curtain facade to the new star restaurant on Biskopsudden and the corner guards on SÖS.

We will soon start with the manufacture of wrought iron railings, door sections and a sheet metal cladding of a loading dock. 

The brothers Edding's Forging

The brothers Eddings Smide worked with restaurant furnishings for Janax Snickeri. The fan room in Norra huset to kv Stettin was completed. They then continued with the assembly in Södra huset and various extra forging jobs. Furthermore, Eddings began assembling plates for two terraces at Gärdesskolan. They also started manufacturing a new floor in Bromma. Another project that Eddings worked on was two trellis for Viksjö Centrum. Soon, the iron gang will help SH-Bygg with two platforms.

Current dates in July 2019

  • Friday, July 5 Deadline Salary
  • Planning meeting every Thursday at 13.15 in the conference room 


We can offer most things in steel, glass and wrought iron constructions. With over 65 years of experience and broad industry knowledge, we can offer the best solutions according to your needs. We have a fully equipped workshop in Sundbyberg and we can provide fast service. Over 40 blacksmiths at your service!


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