Monthly newsletter September 2019 - everything in forging & glass

Same ambition now as then

When I cleaned at the workshop office, I found a flyer from 1987 where we market our services in welding and forging. This shows that the ambition already in 1952 was to be able to deliver good quality combined with good customer service and that it has given us many and recurring customers over the years. This ambition has remained in three family generations. In the same way, industry experience and skilled employees have been important ever since Lundgrens began its operations 67 years ago. As a result, we have been able to deliver forge and glass world class through all the years.

The move to the new forging workshop

It felt important to gather everyone in our new premises Tornväktargränd in Bromma to show the forging workshop and give answers to questions about the move. We were happy to tell you that we will rent the room next door, which means that we will have twice as much space.

It is a great challenge to carry out the move so that our business does not stop. Above all, good planning and commitment from everyone is required. We have already started the relocation work a little bit on our 5 S meetings by marking what we need to have with us. Feel free to come up with ideas or suggestions for improvements on how we should decorate the new workshop. Because when the rebuilding of the public spaces is complete, we will start moving over parts of the business. And, when the move is complete, we will have a thunderous move-in party in the new premises!

Team travel

Soon it's time for long-awaited team trips and this year the trips go to Palma and Prague.

Efforts to reduce maternal mortality in Africa

Even Eezers second follow-up trip to Kenya was successful. During this trip delivered Eezergang carriage 27 to a clinic in Rongai. Are you curious about what it is like to go on a follow-up trip? Then you should read the Eezerambassadören Lena's diary

What happens now? In October, we will produce two display copies. In addition, we will continue to be involved in the production of more ambulances. 

Seller of the month

Congratulations Yosef who got in a series of exciting projects! For example, steel stairs, metal glass sections, interior forging and wrought iron railings. Tomas also got an exciting job with specially ordered glass sections for new ones The Tram Museum which will move from Södermalm to Gasverket in Norra Djurgårdsstaden. 

Our projects

At Fridhemsplan, everything floated as it should with the installation of sheet metal cassettes. In addition to this, we installed door sections in Högdalen and delivered door sections to Kista Galleria. We also installed cover plates in Nynäshamn. In the forging workshop, we manufactured metal glass sections and forging gates. In addition, we made changes, glass doors, railings and steel stairs. We also made a canopy to Bromma Airport and continued with the cortén façade on Biskopsudden.

The Eddings brothers

There was also a lot to do for the iron gang Eddings in September. Among other things, they mounted beams for a ventilation unit and reinforcements of TT cassettes for kv Stettin. The gang also started assembling a grid floor plan in the shaft at Gärdesskolan. They will probably now start with the assembly of wrought iron railings and the manufacture of canopies. They also helped MVB with brackets for a glass facade. Furthermore, they were almost finished with the work on a new floor in Bromma where only additional work remains. The manufacture of variations for stairwells in the Trygg-Hansa house was completed and they will soon begin assembly. In Tomteboda, there was a new mezzanine floor.

Eddings also finished the brass-clad glass section for Lunda hotel. They also worked with restaurant forging for Karolinska Hospital and made furniture for Biskopsudden. The work in Viksjö center was completed and as a nice end to that project, the iron gang assembled a work of art in Viksjö Stadspark.

Artwork Viksjö city park

It was also full speed in the Lidl project where Valle and his efficient team mounted 280 meters of wrought iron railings. Now there are about 120 meters left to assemble. In addition, they mounted diversions, a spiral staircase, ventilation hood, folding glass walls, support plates, angles etc.



  • Cinnamon Bull Day Friday 5 October. There will be buns at 9-coffee
  • Friday, October 5 Deadline salary
  • Friday 11 October Last application day for Christmas break
  • Wednesday 16 October Welding test from 1 p.m.
  • Monday 21 October Welding course MMA rose 2 at 18.00 Course leader Yosef Hakimi
  • Wednesday 23 October Welding course MMA rose 1 at 18.00 Course leader Nathem Karim
  • Tuesday 29 October at 06.30-11.30 Massage in the lunch room floor 2
  • Friday 25 October salary payment
  • Friday 25 October general meeting at 13.30
  • 5 S - the improvement factory runs on Friday at 13.45 (notify your group leader if you can not come)
  • Planning meeting every Thursday at 13.15 in the large conference room 



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